Red h'ween Mask (2013 Rare Drops)

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The red h'ween mask was an item that spawned as part of the 2013 Rare Drops event. Picking up the spawn would provide the player with a red halloween mask. The spawns were available for one week and dropped at the same time as the blue and green masks. This was the first introduction of halloween masks in Old School RuneScape, though they were later made available as part of the annual Halloween holiday events.

During the event, items had approximately 100 fixed spawn locations across the entire map, and 1 would be active at a time. When the item was picked up, it would immediately spawn at one of the other locations. Only 1 player would be able to pick up a given spawn. When items were visible on the ground there would be fireworks and firework sound effects playing, and there would not be a red dot on the minimap like a normal item.

When picking up the item, a message would say You have found an untradeable rare item. If you lose it, you can get it back from Diango. If the player had already obtained the item they would be unable to pick it up, and the message would read You already have that item. You don't need another.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Red halloween mask.png: Red h'ween Mask (2013 Rare Drops) drops Red halloween mask with rarity Always in quantity 1Red halloween mask1Always3,2159