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Released 6 September 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 49
Drain rate Uses all prayer points when the effect takes place, otherwise 10 points per minute
Effect When the player is hit below 10% of their maximum Hitpoints (without taking lethal damage), Redemption will use the player's remaining prayer points and heal the player for an amount based on their maximum Prayer level.
Sound Effect

Redemption is a prayer unlocked at level 49 Prayer. When the player is hit below 10% of their Hitpoints (e.g. 9 or below at level 99 Hitpoints) while Redemption is active, Redemption will use the player's remaining prayer points and heal the player for 25% of their Prayer level rounded down, regardless of remaining prayer points. Note that Redemption will not prevent lethal damage. Redemption will also activate upon taking any hits (including 0 damage) whilst under 10% Hitpoints.

As Redemption is an overhead prayer depicting a heart, players often use it in community events such as maxing and drop parties to show support.

Healing[edit | edit source]

The amount of Hitpoints healed is based on a player's base prayer level. The formula is .

Prayer Level Health
Prayer Level Health
49–51 12 76–79 19
52–55 13 80–83 20
56–59 14 84–87 21
60–63 15 88–91 22
64–67 16 92–95 23
68–71 17 96–99 24
72–75 18

Usage[edit | edit source]

Redemption is often used when prayer or super restore potions are plentiful and the damage taken can be predicted, as the Hitpoints healed are greater than using food at high levels: at 99 Hitpoints, Redemption can heal by 24 (up to four times per inventory slot for a total of 96), while food is generally limited to 22 (or up to 64 using Saradomin brews with 94 or higher Hitpoints). However, miscalculating the damage taken can lead to death, and the prayer points being depleted means a potion dose must be drunk to reactivate protection prayers, so utilising Redemption is a situational and potentially risky strategy.

Redemption is particularly useful, although more costly compared to regular food, in situations where the player takes frequent but low damage, such as Pyramid Plunder or fighting the thermonuclear smoke devil. It is also useful in Chambers of Xeric, where prayer enhance potions allow the player to rapidly use Redemption, such as during Vespula encounters.

Notes[edit | edit source]

When Redemption is activated, the prayer points are immediately depleted, although any other prayers that were activated (such as offensive prayers) may take a short while to deactivate. When rapidly using Redemption, such as when fighting Vespula, players should take care to make sure Redemption and other prayers are properly reactivated (by only clicking the prayers once for example).

Successfully activating Redemption completely depletes a player's prayer points. Without quickly restoring prayer points and reactivating the Protect Item prayer before dying, an extra item is not kept on death. Warning: Players not yet competent in Redemption-related techniques should generally avoid using the prayer in high risk PvP scenarios, particularly when Protect Item is a necessity.