Redwood sapling

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Sapling detail.png

A redwood sapling is obtained by planting a redwood seed in a filled plant pot, then by using a watering can on the plant pot. One must wait at least one crop cycle (5 minutes) in order for a redwood seedling to sprout into a sapling in the plant pot.

A player must have at least level 90 in Farming to be able to make this item. Once planted, there is no way to retrieve the seed.

Planting the sapling in a tree patch will result in it growing into a redwood tree in a player's redwood tree patch within the Farming Guild, rewarding 22,450 Farming experience when inspecting a fully grown tree. Players can ask the gardener for assistance in watching over their redwood tree for a payment of 6 dragonfruits. It takes around ~97 hours to fully grow.