Relobo Blinyo (logs)

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Relobo Blinyo (logs) chathead.png

Relobo Blinyo is one of the "Market Price Guides" located on the west side of Grand Exchange in Varrock. He has come all the way from Shilo Village to make a profit on selling logs, which he has extensive knowledge about. He can show the current log prices.

Market guide prices[edit | edit source]

Item Price Item Price
Logs.pngLogs 98 Achey tree logs.pngAchey tree logs 265
Oak logs.pngOak logs 137 Willow logs.pngWillow logs 18
Teak logs.pngTeak logs 275 Maple logs.pngMaple logs 12
Mahogany logs.pngMahogany logs 414 Arctic pine logs.pngArctic pine logs 545
Yew logs.pngYew logs 253 Magic logs.pngMagic logs 1,068
Redwood logs.pngRedwood logs 276