Resurrect Superior Skeleton

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Resurrect Superior Skeleton
Resurrect Superior Skeleton.png
Released 16 June 2021 (Update)
Members Yes
Level Magic 57
Spellbook Arceuus
Type Combat
Experience 70
Runes 10Earth 1Cosmic 5Death 4 Prayer Book of the dead.png
Casting speed 4 ticks
Cooldown 16 ticks
Quest A Kingdom Divided
Description Calls upon a superior skeletal thrall to fight alongside you
Resurrect Skeleton.gif
Sound Effect
Resurrect Superior Skeleton icon (mobile).png

Resurrect Superior Skeleton is a spell within the Arceuus spellbook that requires level 57 Magic and the completion of A Kingdom Divided to be cast. In addition to the required runes, casting this spell requires four prayer points and having the book of the dead equipped or in the player's inventory.

The spell will summon a superior skeletal thrall, which has an attack speed of 4 (attacking every 2.4 seconds) and attacks using Ranged (with a max hit of 2), ignoring any accuracy checks in the process. They will attack the same target that the player is attacking, and cannot be damaged. However, they cannot attack other players. Damage dealt by the thrall counts as damage dealt by the player that summoned it.

Thralls will remain for a set amount of time ( seconds), but players can cast resurrection spells again after 10 seconds, albeit the existing thrall will disappear if players do so.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
10Earth rune.png5Death rune.png1Cosmic rune.png1,133
Combo runes
5Death rune.png1Cosmic rune.png10Dust rune.png1,153
5Death rune.png1Cosmic rune.png10Mud rune.png2,783
5Death rune.png1Cosmic rune.png10Lava rune.png1,153
5Death rune.png1Cosmic rune.pngStaff of earth.pngAlt1,093