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The Arceuus spellbook.
The Arceuus spellbook icon.

The Arceuus spellbook, sometimes referred to as the necromancy spellbook, is a spellbook that players can access upon gaining 60% favour with Arceuus in Great Kourend. Like the standard spellbook, it has a variety of combat and utility spells at its disposal, unlike the Lunar spellbook, which is primarily focused on utility spells, and the Ancient Magicks, which is heavily combat-oriented.

Arceuus icon detail.png

Making extensive use of blood, nature and soul runes, this spellbook is notable for its reanimation spells used in prayer training, and is also known for its vast array of teleportation spells which primarily transport players to destinations associated with death, such as graveyards and dungeons occupied by the undead. In addition, a larger set of combat and utility spells are accessible to players who have completed the quest, A Kingdom Divided.

Because of the low supply of law runes within the kingdom, the study of teleportation magicks has always been very limited throughout Great Kourend's history, with Xeric being the only known user of teleportation spells. However, with a larger wave of visitors from the mainland arriving to Great Kourend, a steady supply of law runes became available, allowing Arceuus to create teleportation spells to many places.

Switching spellbooks[edit | edit source]

Players may speak with Tyss to switch to the Arceuus spellbook. Tyss can be found near the Dark Altar on the north end of Arceuus. Players can get to Tyss by using the fairy ring code CIS; however, the fairy ring needs to be unlocked by speaking to the nearby NPC, Trossa, for a one time fee of 80,000 after unlocking the use of fairy rings in the Fairytale II - Cure a Queen quest. Another option is to use the games necklace teleport to the Wintertodt Camp and run south-west until the snowy area exit, then run east afterwards.

Alternatively, players who have level 80 Construction can build a dark altar within their Achievement Gallery, allowing them to freely switch between the standard and Arceuus spellbooks without having to travel to the real Dark Altar.

Teleportation spells[edit | edit source]

A player uses a teleport spell from the Arceuus spellbook.

Players are free to use all teleportation spells upon unlocking the Arceuus spellbook; completion of A Kingdom Divided is not required.

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Notes
Arceuus Home Teleport.png
Arceuus Home Teleport icon (mobile).png
Arceuus Home Teleport 1 None 0 Teleports the player to the Dark Altar.
Arceuus Library Teleport.png
Arceuus Library Teleport icon (mobile).png
Arceuus Library Teleport 6 2Earth 1Law 9 Teleports the player north of the Arceuus Library.
Draynor Manor Teleport.png
Draynor Manor Teleport icon (mobile).png
Draynor Manor Teleport 17 1Earth 1Water 1Law 16 Teleports the player to Draynor Manor.
Battlefront Teleport.png
Battlefront Teleport icon (mobile).png
Battlefront Teleport 23 1Earth 1Fire 1Law 19 Teleports the player to the Ancient Grave, just beyond the Battlefront.
Mind Altar Teleport.png
Mind Altar Teleport icon (mobile).png
Mind Altar Teleport 28 1Law 2Mind 22 Teleports the player to the Mind Altar whose entrance is near the Wilderness.
Respawn Teleport.png
Respawn Teleport icon (mobile).png
Respawn Teleport 34 1Law 1Soul 27 Teleports the player to their current respawn point.
Salve Graveyard Teleport.png
Salve Graveyard Teleport icon (mobile).png
Salve Graveyard Teleport 40 1Law 2Soul 30 Teleports the player to the ghoul area by the entrance to Mort Myre Swamp. Requires completion of Priest in Peril. This is the closest teleport in the game to an overworld Fairy Ring.
Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleport.png
Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleport icon (mobile).png
Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleport 48 1Earth 1Law 1Soul 50 Teleports the player to Fenkenstrain's Castle. Requires completion of Priest in Peril.
West Ardougne Teleport.png
West Ardougne Teleport icon (mobile).png
West Ardougne Teleport 61 2Law 2Soul 68 Teleports the player to the West Ardougne graveyard. Requires completion of Biohazard.
Harmony Island Teleport.png
Harmony Island Teleport icon (mobile).png
Harmony Island Teleport 65 1Law 1Nature 1Soul 74 Teleports the player to Harmony Island. Requires completion of The Great Brain Robbery.
Cemetery Teleport.png
Cemetery Teleport icon (mobile).png
Cemetery Teleport 71 1Blood 1Law 1Soul 82 Teleports the player to The Forgotten Cemetery in the Wilderness.
Barrows Teleport.png
Barrows Teleport icon (mobile).png
Barrows Teleport 83 1Blood 2Law 2Soul 90 Teleports the player to the Barrows. Requires completion of Priest in Peril.
Ape Atoll Teleport (Arceuus).png
Ape Atoll Teleport (Arceuus) icon (mobile).png
Ape Atoll Teleport 90 2Blood 2Law 2Soul 100 Teleports the player to the Ape Atoll Dungeon. Requires completion of Monkey Madness I, including having received Daero's training

Combat spells[edit | edit source]

The combat spells of the Arceuus spellbook possess a mix of offensive and support spells, which includes spells to resurrect thralls, which fight alongside the player for a set amount of time.

With the exception of Ghostly Grasp and Inferior Demonbane, all combat spells in the Arceuus spellbook require completion of the quest A Kingdom Divided.

Autocasting[edit | edit source]

Offensive Arceuus spells can only be autocast with particular magic weapons:

Skull sceptre.png Skull sceptre
Ahrim's staff.png Ahrim's staff
Slayer's staff.png Slayer's staff[n 1]
Staff of the dead.png Staff of the dead
Toxic staff of the dead.png Toxic staff of the dead
Master wand.png Master wand
Kodai wand.png Kodai wand
  1. ^ Includes the enchanted variant.

Grasp spells[edit | edit source]

Grasp spells deal damage and provide a chance to stop the target from moving for a short time. Successful hit chance and the duration applied are doubled on targets that are under the effects of the Mark of Darkness spell. However, if the target is under the effect of the Ward of Arceuus spell, they will only be bound in place for 0.6 seconds if successfully bound by the caster.

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Damage Bind
Bind time
Ghostly Grasp.png Ghostly Grasp icon (mobile).png Ghostly Grasp 35 4Air 1Chaos 22.5 12 10% 1.2
Skeletal Grasp.png Skeletal Grasp icon (mobile).png Skeletal Grasp 56 8Earth 1Death 33 17 25% 1.8
Undead Grasp.png Undead Grasp icon (mobile).png Undead Grasp 79 12Fire 1Blood 46.5 24 50% 2.4

Demonbane spells[edit | edit source]

Demonbane spells deal damage (with a 20% accuracy bonus) much like any other offensive spells, but can only be cast on demonic creatures. They will have an additional 25% damage and 40% accuracy bonus if cast on demons that are under the effects of the Mark of Darkness spell.

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Damage
Inferior Demonbane.png Inferior Demonbane icon (mobile).png Inferior Demonbane 44 4Fire 1Chaos 27 16
Superior Demonbane.png Superior Demonbane icon (mobile).png Superior Demonbane 62 8Fire 1Soul 36 23
Dark Demonbane.png Dark Demonbane icon (mobile).png Dark Demonbane 82 12Fire 2Soul 43.5 30

Corruption spells[edit | edit source]

Corruption spells provide a chance to inflict corruption on the caster's next successful hit. If a player with corruption spells active attacks an opposing player with Ward of Arceuus active, the attacker's corruption spells will remain active until the target's Ward expires, after which the next successful attack post-expiration will roll the chance for corruption.

Players cannot cast corruption spells on a player if they are currently corrupted, nor can they do so while the target is under the effects of the Ward of Arceuus spell. There is no immunity period after corruption wears off on a player.

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Corruption
Lesser Corruption.png Lesser Corruption icon (mobile).png Lesser Corruption 64 1Death 2Soul 75 33%
Greater Corruption.png Greater Corruption icon (mobile).png Greater Corruption 85 1Blood 3Soul 95 66%

Resurrection spells[edit | edit source]

Requires having the book of the dead equipped or in the player's inventory (which is obtained upon completion of A Kingdom Divided), casting resurrection spells require prayer points in addition to runes, and will summon a thrall that attacks the same target that the player is attacking for a certain amount of time ( seconds).

Players can only summon one thrall at a time, and it cannot attack other players. Thralls have an attack speed of 4 (attacking every 2.4 seconds), cannot be damaged, and ignore accuracy checks when attacking.

These spells cannot be used at Basilisk Knights or within the Chasm of Fire.

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Prayer
points cost
attack style
max hit
Resurrect Lesser Ghost.png Resurrect Lesser Ghost icon (mobile).png Resurrect Lesser Ghost 38 10Air 1Cosmic 5Mind 55 2 Magic 1
Resurrect Lesser Skeleton.png Resurrect Lesser Skeleton icon (mobile).png Resurrect Lesser Skeleton 38 10Air 1Cosmic 5Mind 55 2 Ranged 1
Resurrect Lesser Zombie.png Resurrect Lesser Zombie icon (mobile).png Resurrect Lesser Zombie 38 10Air 1Cosmic 5Mind 55 2 Melee 1
Resurrect Superior Ghost.png Resurrect Superior Ghost icon (mobile).png Resurrect Superior Ghost 57 10Earth 1Cosmic 5Death 70 4 Magic 2
Resurrect Superior Skeleton.png Resurrect Superior Skeleton icon (mobile).png Resurrect Superior Skeleton 57 10Earth 1Cosmic 5Death 70 4 Ranged 2
Resurrect Superior Zombie.png Resurrect Superior Zombie icon (mobile).png Resurrect Superior Zombie 57 10Earth 1Cosmic 5Death 70 4 Melee 2
Resurrect Greater Ghost.png Resurrect Greater Ghost icon (mobile).png Resurrect Greater Ghost 76 10Fire 5Blood 1Cosmic 88 6 Magic 3
Resurrect Greater Skeleton.png Resurrect Greater Skeleton icon (mobile).png Resurrect Greater Skeleton 76 10Fire 5Blood 1Cosmic 88 6 Ranged 3
Resurrect Greater Zombie.png Resurrect Greater Zombie icon (mobile).png Resurrect Greater Zombie 76 10Fire 5Blood 1Cosmic 88 6 Melee 3

Other spells[edit | edit source]

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Description
Dark Lure.png Dark Lure icon (mobile).png Dark Lure 50 1Death 1Nature 60 Lures monsters to attack players, and stops them from retreating. Can also be cast on implings.
Mark of Darkness.png Mark of Darkness icon (mobile).png Mark of Darkness 59 1Cosmic 1Soul 70 Gives various debuffs to the target that lasts for a set amount of time.
Ward of Arceuus.png Ward of Arceuus icon (mobile).png Ward of Arceuus 73 1Cosmic 2Nature 4Soul 83 Gives various buffs to oneself that lasts for a set amount of time.

Utility spells[edit | edit source]

With the exception of Resurrect Crops and reanimation spells, all utility spells in the Arceuus spellbook require completion of the quest A Kingdom Divided.

Reanimation spells[edit | edit source]

Reanimation spells will reanimate certain creatures whose heads still contain their souls. Killing reanimated creatures will grant Arceuus favour for each reanimated creature killed based on their toughness. Players are awarded Magic experience for casting the spell, and Prayer experience for killing the reanimated creature. A majority of reanimated creatures will have a maximum of 35 Hitpoints.

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Compatible ensouled heads
Basic Reanimation.png Basic Reanimation icon (mobile).png Basic Reanimation 16 4Body 2Nature 32 Goblin, monkey, imp, minotaur, scorpion, bear, unicorn
Adept Reanimation.png Adept Reanimation icon (mobile).png Adept Reanimation 41 4Body 3Nature 1Soul 80 Dog, chaos druid, ogre, giant, elf, troll, horror
Expert Reanimation.png Expert Reanimation icon (mobile).png Expert Reanimation 72 1Blood 3Nature 2Soul 138 Kalphite, dagannoth, bloodveld, TzHaar, demon, hellhound
Master Reanimation.png Master Reanimation icon (mobile).png Master Reanimation 90 2Blood 4Nature 4Soul 170 Aviansie, abyssal demon, dragon

Offering spells[edit | edit source]

Offering spells convert up to three sets of remains to prayer points, granting three times the normal experience of burying or scattering remains. They take the same amount of time as offering three remains at an altar in a player-owned house chapel.

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Remains converted
Demonic Offering.png Demonic Offering icon (mobile).png Demonic Offering 84 1Soul 1Wrath 175 Ashes
Sinister Offering.png Sinister Offering icon (mobile).png Sinister Offering 92 1Blood 1Wrath 180 Bones

Other spells[edit | edit source]

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Description
Shadow Veil.png Shadow Veil icon (mobile).png Shadow Veil 47 5Earth 5Fire 5Cosmic 58 Grants a 15% chance (36.25% if wearing the dodgy necklace) to avoid being stunned and damaged while pickpocketing NPCs for a set amount of time.
Vile Vigour.png Vile Vigour icon (mobile).png Vile Vigour 66 3Air 1Soul 76 Converts remaining prayer points into run energy at a 1:1 ratio.
Degrime.png Degrime icon (mobile).png Degrime 70 4Earth 2Nature 83 Cleans all grimy herbs in the player's inventory that the player has the Herblore level to clean.
Resurrect Crops.png Resurrect Crops icon (mobile).png Resurrect Crops 78 25Earth 8Blood 12Nature 8Soul 90 Gives a chance for a dead farming patch to be brought back to life. If the spell fails, the patch is cleared out.
Death Charge.png Death Charge icon (mobile).png Death Charge 80 1Blood 1Death 1Soul 90 Restores 15% of the player's special attack energy upon killing a monster.

Discontinued spells[edit | edit source]

The Arceuus spellbook prior to the merging of reanimation spells.

With an update on 28 April 2021, the spellbook was significantly reduced in size to prepare for the release of the quest A Kingdom Divided.

There were formerly reanimation spells for each ensouled head, which were merged into four reanimation spells in the update. In addition, the Lumbridge Graveyard Teleport was replaced with the Arceuus Library Teleport.

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP
Reanimate Goblin.png Reanimate Goblin icon (mobile).png Reanimate Goblin 3 2Body 1Nature 6
Lumbridge Graveyard Teleport.png Lumbridge Graveyard Teleport icon (mobile).png Lumbridge Graveyard Teleport 6 2Earth 1Law 9
Reanimate Monkey.png Reanimate Monkey icon (mobile).png Reanimate Monkey 7 3Body 1Nature 14
Reanimate Imp.png Reanimate Imp icon (mobile).png Reanimate Imp 12 3Body 2Nature 24
Reanimate Minotaur.png Reanimate Minotaur icon (mobile).png Reanimate Minotaur 16 4Body 2Nature 32
Reanimate Scorpion.png Reanimate Scorpion icon (mobile).png Reanimate Scorpion 19 1Nature 1Soul 38
Reanimate Bear.png Reanimate Bear icon (mobile).png Reanimate Bear 21 1Body 1Nature 1Soul 42
Reanimate Unicorn.png Reanimate Unicorn icon (mobile).png Reanimate Unicorn 22 2Body 1Nature 1Soul 44
Reanimate Dog.png Reanimate Dog icon (mobile).png Reanimate Dog 26 2Body 2Nature 1Soul 52
Reanimate Chaos Druid.png Reanimate Chaos Druid icon (mobile).png Reanimate Chaos Druid 30 3Body 2Nature 1Soul 60
Reanimate Giant.png Reanimate Giant icon (mobile).png Reanimate Giant 37 4Body 2Nature 1Soul 74
Reanimate Ogre.png Reanimate Ogre icon (mobile).png Reanimate Ogre 40 4Body 3Nature 1Soul 80
Reanimate Elf.png Reanimate Elf icon (mobile).png Reanimate Elf 43 2Body 2Nature 2Soul 86
Reanimate Troll.png Reanimate Troll icon (mobile).png Reanimate Troll 46 3Body 2Nature 2Soul 92
Reanimate Horror.png Reanimate Horror icon (mobile).png Reanimate Horror 52 4Body 2Nature 2Soul 104
Reanimate Kalphite.png Reanimate Kalphite icon (mobile).png Reanimate Kalphite 57 4Body 3Nature 2Soul 114
Reanimate Dagannoth.png Reanimate Dagannoth icon (mobile).png Reanimate Dagannoth 62 4Body 3Nature 3Soul 124
Reanimate Bloodveld.png Reanimate Bloodveld icon (mobile).png Reanimate Bloodveld 65 1Blood 2Nature 2Soul 130
Reanimate TzHaar.png Reanimate TzHaar icon (mobile).png Reanimate TzHaar 69 1Blood 3Nature 2Soul 138
Reanimate Demon.png Reanimate Demon icon (mobile).png Reanimate Demon 72 1Blood 4Nature 2Soul 144
Reanimate Aviansie.png Reanimate Aviansie icon (mobile).png Reanimate Aviansie 78 1Blood 4Nature 3Soul 156
Reanimate Abyssal Creature.png Reanimate Abyssal Creature icon (mobile).png Reanimate Abyssal Creature 85 1Blood 4Nature 4Soul 170
Reanimate Dragon.png Reanimate Dragon icon (mobile).png Reanimate Dragon 93 2Blood 4Nature 4Soul 186

Unused spells[edit | edit source]

Some spells designs were cut from the Arceuus spellbook rework, although Mod West had still made spell icons for them and can be found within the game cache.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
30 June 2021
  • Demonbane spells now have a 20% accuracy bonus, increasing to 40% for demonic creatures under the effects of the Mark of Darkness spell.
  • An animation will now play when a target is no longer under the effects of the Mark of Darkness spell.
  • Offering spells are now cast instantly, and have a cooldown timer before it can be cast again.
  • Death Charge now restores special attack energy when fighting the Grotesque Guardians.
16 June 2021
(update | poll)
28 April 2021
(update | poll)
  • Reanimation spells were merged into four spells.
  • The Lumbridge Graveyard Teleport spell was replaced with the Arceuus Library Teleport spell.
  • Various teleport spell icons were graphically updated.
10 January 2019

The Battlefront Teleport spell was added.

11 October 2018

The spellbook icons for reanimation spells were graphically updated.

18 February 2016

The spellbook is now referred to as the "Arceuus spellbook" instead of the "Necromancy spellbook".

29 January 2016
  • Teleport spells in the Arceuus spellbook now use combination runes correctly.
  • Casting the Resurrect Crops spell after having used Spellbook Swap will now swap the spellbook back.
28 January 2016
(update | poll)
  • Eleven teleport spells were added to the spellbook.
  • The Resurrect Crops spell has been added.