Resurrection spells

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Resurrection spells are a category of spells in the Arceuus spellbook. Requiring the book of the dead to use (which is obtained upon completion of A Kingdom Divided), casting these spells require prayer points in addition to runes, and will summon a thrall that attacks the same target that the player is attacking for a certain amount of time ( seconds).

Players can only summon one thrall at a time, and it cannot attack other players. Thralls have an attack speed of 4 (attacking every 2.4 seconds), cannot be damaged, and ignore accuracy checks when attacking.

Icon Mobile
Spell Magic Level Runes Experience Prayer
points cost
attack style
max hit
Resurrect Ghost.png Resurrect Ghost icon (mobile).png Resurrect Ghost Magic 38 10Air 1Cosmic 5Mind 55 2 Magic 1
Resurrect Skeleton.png Resurrect Skeleton icon (mobile).png Resurrect Skeleton Magic 57 10Earth 1Cosmic 5Death 70 4 Ranged 2
Resurrect Zombie.png Resurrect Zombie icon (mobile).png Resurrect Zombie Magic 76 10Fire 5Blood 1Cosmic 88 6 Melee 3

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