Return Orb

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Return Orb
Return Orb.png
Released30 April 2020 (Update)
LocationLunar Isle
ExamineThe moon clan's link to the main land.
Advanced data
Object ID30160

The Return Orb is a magical orb located inside the bank on Lunar Isle, visible only to players who have completed the elite Fremennik Diary. Using the orb teleports the player to Rellekka.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
26 May 2022

The teleport animation has been changed to a Lunar teleport animation.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The previous animation for the Return Orb's teleport.
  • The orb was introduced to restore a travel method in which players purposely speak to Sirsal Bankers without a seal of passage in order to be kicked out of Lunar Isle and transported to Rellekka, which was useful for players fighting Vorkath. Prior to the orb's release, players who have the elite Fremennik Diary completed would no longer need a seal of passage to speak to anyone on Lunar Isle, and thus could no longer get kicked out of Lunar Isle on purpose.
  • The teleport animation previously used the same animation as jumping to the various platforms during the Dream World section of Lunar Diplomacy, and was seen as a downgrade for completing the elite Fremennik Diary, as the animation took around 14 seconds to perform, whilst getting kicked off the Lunar Isle via Sirsal Bankers took around 9 seconds. After this was pointed out on social media, the animation was changed shortly and is now around 7 seconds faster than it previously was.