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For all items and their stats worn in this slot, see this table

A ring is an equipment item in RuneScape worn in the ring slot of the equipped inventory menu.

Crafting rings[edit | edit source]

These rings can be created with a ring mould, a gold bar and gems (optional) using the Crafting skill with the required Crafting level.

Rings are only decorative in free-to-play, but in pay-to-play they may be enchanted to gain special bonuses. Enchanting a ring (must contain a gem) requires the runes and Magic level necessary to cast the appropriate enchantment spell.

Gem Unenchanted ring CraftingCrafting icon.png Enchanted ring MagicMagic icon.png
N/A Gold ring.png Gold ring 5 N/A
Opal.png Opal Opal ring.png Opal ring 1 Ring of pursuit.png Ring of pursuit 7 Lvl-1 Enchant.png
Sapphire.png Sapphire Sapphire ring.png Sapphire ring 20 Ring of recoil.png Ring of recoil
Jade.png Jade Jade ring.png Jade ring 13 Ring of returning.png Ring of returning 27 Lvl-2 Enchant.png
Emerald.png Emerald Emerald ring.png Emerald ring 27 Ring of dueling.png Ring of dueling
Red topaz.png Red topaz Topaz ring.png Topaz ring 16 Efaritay's aid.png Efaritay's aid 49 Lvl-3 Enchant.png
Ruby.png Ruby Ruby ring.png Ruby ring 34 Ring of forging.png Ring of forging
Diamond.png Diamond Diamond ring.png Diamond ring 43 Ring of life.png Ring of life 57 Lvl-4 Enchant.png
Dragonstone.png Dragonstone Dragonstone ring.png Dragonstone ring 55 Ring of wealth.png Ring of wealth 68 Lvl-5 Enchant.png
Onyx.png Onyx Onyx ring.png Onyx ring 67 Ring of stone.png Ring of stone 87 Lvl-6 Enchant.png
Enchanted gem.png Enchanted N/A 75 Slayer ring.png Slayer ring[1] N/A
Eternal gem.png Eternal N/A 75 Slayer ring (eternal).png Slayer ring (eternal) N/A
Zenyte.png Zenyte Zenyte ring.png Zenyte ring 89 Ring of suffering.png Ring of suffering 93 Lvl-7 Enchant.png
  1. Players can purchase these rings from Slayer Masters, at a cost of 75 points per ring. As well as "purchasing the knowledge" of how to craft the rings, at a one-time cost of 300 points. Since the Slayer gems are already enchanted, unenchanted slayer rings do not exist.

Quest rings[edit | edit source]

Ring Quest Detail
Lunar ring.png Lunar ring Lunar Diplomacy Provides a +2 Magic attack and +2 Magic defence bonus
Beacon ring.png Beacon ring What Lies Below Provides a +2 Magic attack and +1 Magic defence bonus
Ring of charos.png Ring of charos Creature of Fenkenstrain Used to persuade certain NPCs, allowing discounts
Ring of charos (a).png Ring of charos (a) Garden of Tranquillity Increased powers of persuasion
'perfect' ring.png 'perfect' ring Family Crest Given to Avan in exchange for part of the crest
Ring of visibility.png Ring of visibility Desert Treasure Used to see the normally invisible, e.g. ghosts

Other rings[edit | edit source]

Fremennik rings
  • Warrior ring.png: Inventory image of Warrior ring Warrior ring: Provides a +4 Slash attack and +4 Slash defence bonus.
  • Berserker ring.png: Inventory image of Berserker ring Berserker ring: Provides a +4 Strength and +4 Crush defence bonus.
  • Seers ring.png: Inventory image of Seers ring Seers ring: Provides a +6 Magic attack and +6 Magic defence bonus.
  • Archers ring.png: Inventory image of Archers ring Archers ring: Provides a +4 Ranged attack and +4 Ranged defence bonus.
Wilderness rings
Other rings

Imbued rings[edit | edit source]

Some rings may be imbued with an enchantment as a reward from Nightmare Zone. Imbuing them doubles their combat bonuses. All rings, exluding the ring of suffering, cost 650,000 Nightmare Zone points each to upgrade (a holy wrench is also required to upgrade the ring of the gods). The rings that may be imbued are:

Fremennik rings
Wilderness rings

Transformation rings[edit | edit source]

These rings offers no bonuses, but allows players to transform to appear as different object.