Ring of suffering (i)

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Ring of suffering (i) detail.png

The ring of suffering (i) is an upgraded version of the regular ring of suffering. It has been imbued as a reward from the Nightmare Zone, for the cost of 725,000 reward points or 300 Zeal Tokens from Soul Wars. Its stats are double those of the ring of suffering, including its prayer bonus.

The ring can also be charged with rings of recoil to give it the recoil effect, renaming the item as ring of suffering (ri). A maximum of 100,000 charges, equivalent to 2,500 rings, can be stored. If a player uncharges the ring, the recoil rings stored will not be refunded. Upon death, due to a bug, the recoil charges might also disappear from the ring regardless of whether or not it was one of your protected items.[confirmation needed]

Dying to another player will cause the imbued ring to lose its imbued status, resulting in the player having to obtain the required Nightmare Zone Points or Soul Wars Points to imbue it again. If its wearer dies to a monster, the ring will retain its imbued status even if not protected.