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Released29 June 2004 (Update)
Sells itemsHair of the Dog
QuestCreature of Fenkenstrain
OptionsTalk-to, Trade
ExamineSeems a jolly chap.
Advanced data
NPC ID6527
Roavar chathead.png

Roavar is a werewolf who owns the Hair of the Dog tavern in Canifis, the Village's tavern and community centre. In the bar they sell moonlight mead and pickled brain, the latter being an item needed during the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest.

If you talk with him, you will have the option to either buy a drink, hear a story, or hear some gossip about various things. You can ask him about Canifis, about Morytania, about some of the shopkeepers, or about Paterdomus. From this you can discover many things, such as the average age of werewolves (Roavar is over 400 and he is not considered an "old" werewolf), and that werewolves like serving Lord Drakan, unlike much of the populace. If you right-click him, then select Trade, he takes 5 coins from you and gives you moonlight mead, an alcoholic beverage.

Roavar cowering before Malak.

He appears in a cutscene during Desert Treasure, in which Lord Malak personally comes to the tavern to collect the blood tithes from him since Gadderanks is missing. He is quite scared of and servile towards Malak, contrary to what he usually says about vampyres.

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

  • Roavar is the solution to the medium cryptic clue: Speak to Roavar.

Stock[edit | edit source]

sold at
Moonlight mead.pngMoonlight meadCoins 5.png 5Coins 100.png 127
Pickled brain.pngPickled brainCoins 25.png 50Not sold

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

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Roavar chathead.png
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