Robes of darkness

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A player wearing robes of darkness.

Robes of darkness are a set of magic robes. To wear these robes the player must have at least 20 Defence and 40 Magic. To obtain robes of darkness the player can either complete a master Treasure Trail or buy them from another player.

The pieces have the same stats as the corresponding mystic counterparts. Thus, like trimmed armour, they are purely for show. The design of the set suggests allegiance to Zaros.

Robes of darkness may be placed in the costume room in a house so the player may own them without taking up bank space.

Components[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Hood of darkness.png Hood of darkness 19,370
Robe top of darkness.png Robe top of darkness 88,458
Robe bottom of darkness.png Robe bottom of darkness 54,167
Gloves of darkness.png Gloves of darkness 20,457
Boots of darkness.png Boots of darkness 19,948
Total 202,400

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

ItemAttack BonusesDefence BonusesOther
Stab attackSlash attackCrush attackMagic attackRanged attackStab defenceSlash defenceCrush defenceMagic defenceRanged defenceMelee strengthMagic damageRanged strengthPrayer bonusWeightMembers
Hood of darknessHood of darkness000400004000%000.453Member icon.png
Robe top of darknessRobe top of darkness00020000020000%002.721Member icon.png
Robe bottom of darknessRobe bottom of darkness00015000015000%001.814Member icon.png
Gloves of darknessGloves of darkness000300003000%000.453Member icon.png
Boots of darknessBoots of darkness000300003000%000.453Member icon.png