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Rock or rocks may refer to any of the following:

Mining rocks[edit | edit source]

  • A mineral outcrop which is often mined by players to gain ores
RockMining level
Rune Essence (rock)1
Copper rock1
Tin rock1
Clay rock1
Chocolate deposit1
Specimen tray1
Pile of Rock (elemental)1
Saltpetre (deposit)1
Rock (Abyss)1
Structural pillar10
Blurite rock10
Pile of Rock10
Rocks (Barronite)14
Iron rock15
Silver rock20
Daeyalt vein20
Ash pile22
Coal rock30
Ore vein30
Sandstone rock35
Gem rock40
Gold rock40
Mineral vein40
Volcanic sulphur (rock)42
Granite rock45
Giant Boulder (unattached)50
Giant Boulder (attached)50
Large Boulder50
Small Boulder50
Medium Boulder50
Mithril rock55
Lunar rock60
Daeyalt Essence (rock)60
Lovakite rock65
Adamantite rock70
Soft clay rock70
Urt salt rock72
Te salt rock72
Efh salt rock72
Basalt rock (mining)72
Runite rock85
Amethyst crystals92

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