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Rockfall.pngRockfall (tall).png
Released24 April 2014 (Update)
LocationMotherlode Mine
ExamineA lump of rock has fallen from above.
Advanced data
Object ID26679, 26680

A rockfall is a rock that obstructs a path in the Motherlode Mine, which falls from the ceiling of the mine shortly after being mined out. Mining these will reward 10 Mining experience, and has no mining requirement.

Miners inside the mine may randomly wander by a rockfall and mine it up, which makes the rockfall disappear just like when players mine it.

Players standing still underneath a rockfall the exact moment when it caves in will get dealt some damage, relative to their current health, with a minimum of 1 (this can be lethal). This also causes the player to walk out of the rockfall's location. This only applies to standing underneath the rockfall when it starts collapsing. After that, it is still possible for one tick to walk underneath the rockfall, without taking any damage or being pushed out.

Mining info[edit | edit source]

Level requiredMining 1
Mining XP10 xp
Required toolAny pickaxe
Respawn time18 seconds