Rocks (Viyeldi caves)

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Rocks (Viyeldi caves).png
Released17 February 2021 (Update)
QuestLegends' Quest
LocationViyeldi caves
OptionsCheck, Climb
ExamineThese look surprisingly secure., Sturdy rocks with a long rope attached.
Advanced data
Object ID40960

The rocks is an Agility shortcut found in the Viyeldi caves, found on the tall cliff at the near end of the caves. An Agility level of 91 is required to use the shortcut.

A long rope is needed to be attached to the rocks in order to utilise the shortcut; meaning completion of Sins of the Father quest is needed.

This shortcut is mainly used for the cryptic clue step down in the dungeon.

Agility info[edit | edit source]

Level requiredAgility 91
Agility XP0 xp