Rogue Guard

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Rogue Guard
Rogue Guard (1).png
Released22 June 2005 (Update)
LocationRogues' Den
ExamineRoguelike and guardish.
Advanced data
NPC ID3190

Rogue Guards patrol an area within a maze in the Rogues' Den minigame. Players need to use flash powder to distract them, in order to continue on with the maze.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

There are 2 guards patrolling 2 different paths, and players are required to go through one of these paths to proceed. Players are advised NOT to get too close to the guards, as these guards might notice. If this happens, the player will be knocked unconscious and returned to the waiting room (the starting point of the maze). If successful, the player will throw the flash powder at the guard, dazing them. Once the guard is dazed, players should quickly run through the path being patrolled by the blinded guard.