Rubble (In Aid of the Myreque)

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Rubble (In Aid of the Myreque, 1).png
Released22 March 2006 (Update)
QuestIn Aid of the Myreque
LocationMyreque Hideout (Burgh De Rott)
ExamineHardened earth, with bits of rock in it. Not easy to move.
Advanced data
Object ID12812

Rubble is found in the basement of the bar in Burgh De Rott, and must be cleaned out before it can be used as the new Myreque Hideout during the In Aid of the Myreque quest. Each piece of rubble must be cleared by first mining it three times, and then shovelling what remains into a bucket, resulting in a bucket of rubble. While clearing out the rubble, 8 items will be found: nails (10 bronze, 5 iron, 3 steel, 2 black, 1 mithril), 1 rock, 1 broken glass, dusty scroll, and plaster fragment. Of these items only the plaster fragment is required to complete the quest.