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A ruby amulet is made by using a gold bar on a furnace with a ruby and an amulet mould in the inventory. It requires a Crafting level of 50 or higher and provides 85 Crafting experience when made. The amulet must be strung before wearing or enchantment by using a ball of wool or the String Jewellery spell. Stringing provides 4 Crafting experience. A total of 174 Crafting experience is granted when cutting the ruby, making the amulet at a furnace and stringing the amulet.

The ruby amulet can be enchanted into an amulet of strength by players through the use of the Lvl-3 Enchant spell, which requires 5 fire runes, 1 cosmic rune, and a Magic level of 49 or higher. Ruby amulets can be sold to Grum's Gold Exchange in Port Sarim starting at 1,417 coins if there are none in stock.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Crafting Crafting14
Free-to-play icon.png
Ticks2 (1.2s)
Ruby amulet (u).pngRuby amulet (u)11,054
Ball of wool.pngBall of wool145
Total Cost1,099
Ruby amulet.pngRuby amulet11,183

Products[edit | edit source]

Amulet of strength.pngAmulet of strength
  • 49 Magic
  • 59 Magic

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

Tier Emotes STASH Location Items Cost
Medium Think & Spin Observatory Ruby amulet.png mithril chainbody.png green d'hide chaps.png 4,257
Medium Yawn & Shrug Castle Wars bank Ruby amulet.png mithril scimitar.png team cape.png 2,031

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
This content is present in Twisted League. Insatiable mutated Bloodveld278 Multicombat.png13 × 2/128
This content is present in Twisted League. Mutated Bloodveld123 Multicombat.png12/128
Small chestN/A Casket.png13/150

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
Members?Trailblazer region
Grum's Gold Exchange.Port Sarim0Coins 1000.png 2,025Coins 1000.png 1,417Free-to-play icon.pngAsgarnia Asgarnia