Ruins of Morra

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Ruins of Morra
Ruins of Morra.png
Released16 June 2021 (Update)
Location on World Map
Chasm of Fire
Shayziens' Wall Ruins of Morra Kourend Woodland

The Ruins of Morra is found south-west of Shayzien. The architecture of the ruins notably resembles structures found in Molch, such as the step pyramid and olmic pillars, suggesting that lizardmen likely inhabited the area sometime during the Age of Strife, before Xeric's exile from Great Kourend.

A jetty can also be found outside the ruins, though there are no boats the player can use. Aside from an iron scimitar spawn (which can only be telegrabbed), the ruins is not usually visited by players except for two coordinate clues that lead the player near the ruins.