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The Run trick is a trick that makes use of the game's tick system to avoid damage from certain types of traps, typically ones that would otherwise require disarming, and has uses in various situations throughout the game. It can be considered a form of tick manipulation. The trick makes use of the fact running moves the player forward by two game squares in a single game tick, meaning that the game effectively never considers the player to be on the square that would trigger an event to happen.

Even though this trick is generally effective on older content, newer content or content that has been reworked more recently will typically have mechanics in place that prevent players from using this mechanic. Notably, the Underground Pass dungeon used to feature several traps that would allow the run trick to be used, but after the release of Song of the Elves, an undocumented update changed the dungeon to no longer allow this.

How to execute[edit | edit source]

The run trick works by ensuring the player character is never considered to be on a certain tile. The way running works in the game is that every other game square is skipped, since the player moves forward two squares per tick. This means that if that skipped tile happens to be a tile that has some kind of hazard on it, in theory the hazard will never trigger (while in practice, several other mechanics have been put in place to make traps trigger even if the run trick is attempted). The simplest way to guarantee that this skipped tile is the tile that has a trap on it is to make sure to stand still on the tile before the hazard, and then to run past the trap.

Another way to execute the run trick is to plan ahead movements. An area where this is particularly relevant is Rogues' Den. Because of the repetitive nature of the minigame, it may be useful to mark out or memorize specific squares that will allow the player to run for relatively long sections, without having to stop to disarm a trap. To do this, count out the number of tiles between the starting square and the trapped square. Every even tile will be dangerous, while the odd tiles will be skipped. For example, when standing right next to a square with a trap, the next square having no trap, and then the third tile being trapped again, and so forth, then those traps are safe to run past in a single go, without needing to stop in between.

The trick is also very useful to speed up completion of the Hallowed Sepulchre, in particular the lower floors where the susceptible lightning strikes are more commonly found. Using the run trick makes it possible to shave off several seconds for each series of lightning strikes. It is highly recommended players use their first run through the dungeon to take note of which square to start running from, in order to avoid getting hit by the lightning strikes. Doing so can allow players to run long stretches through several dangerous fields of lightning, without getting hit a single time.

Dos[edit | edit source]

A player using a run trick on the Monkey Madness II monkey guards.

The run trick works in a few situations in varying locations.

  • Wall Beasts can be completely avoided without the need for a spiny helmet.
  • All traps in the Rogues' Den minigame allow for this trick. However, the trick only guarantees to avoid damage if the square behind the trap does not contain another trap.
  • This trick can be used to avoid two traps in the Hallowed Sepulchre. The lightning traps can be completely avoided because every lightning tile is always surrounded by safe tiles. The teleportation tiles sometimes have safe tiles adjacent, but this is not always the case. As such, when approaching sets of teleportation tiles it is recommended to stop immediately in front of them, and then move through a series that takes advantage of the run trick while minimizing the amount of yellow tiles in the series to reduce bad outcomes when the teleportation tiles change state. More information can be found on the Hallowed Sepulchre strategy guide. These are the only two traps in the activity that make use of the run trick.
  • The Ape Atoll Dungeon featured in Monkey Madness I contains a few traps in the floor, particularly around the skeleton monkeys and in the westernmost and northernmost areas, that can be avoided altogether.
  • Tarn's Lair features some floor traps that can be completely avoided by using the run trick. However, most of these traps can also simply be avoided by running around them, and serve mostly as an extra damage source to inattentive players.
  • In the Miscellania and Etceteria Dungeon navigated during the Royal Trouble quest:
    • The slippery rock obstacles can be passed using this trick instead of using a plank on them.
    • The more dangerous steam vents can also be passed using the run trick, however players are able to go around the vents.
  • The Monkey Madness II airship platforms have several patrolling monkeys walking around. Players can walk through the monkeys by using the run trick on a guard that is about to walk around a corner. This ensures that the player is never in the guard's line of sight. See the quest guide for more information.
  • Stationary blood splats in the fight with The Maiden of Sugadinti can be run across using the run trick to avoid damage, and to avoid healing the Maiden.
  • Tornadoes summoned by both Hunllef and Lady Verzik Vitur, as well as lightning and acid pools summoned by the Great Olm, can be crossed without taking damage by using the run trick.

Don'ts[edit | edit source]

Several areas do not allow players to avoid traps using the run trick. Attempting to use the run trick will still trigger the trap, causing the effects of the trap to be applied to the player, such as damaging, inflicting poison, or other effects.

  • Brimhaven Agility Arena traps will trigger on the first tile that is entered, pushing the player back to the original side of the trap they were on. The run trick cannot be used to pass a trap.
  • The Underground Pass does not allow its wall and floor traps to be avoided with the run trick. Wall traps can be disabled using Thieving, and floor traps can be avoided by using a plank on them. However, for lower thieving levels less damage is taken from wall traps when just running through them without disarming and taking a little damage.
  • Tirannwn traps all do not allow players to use the run trick. Most traps are more than a single square big, but even the Tripwire traps which are one tile big will trigger when attempting to run past it.
  • Tarn's Lair does not allow players to run past wall traps. These wall traps in the lair are unwalkable tiles, and can only be passed by disarming the trap, which will move the player past the trap.
  • Except for the lightning strikes and teleportation tiles in the Hallowed Sepulchre, all other traps will cause players to take damage and be moved back to their last checkpoint, even when attempting to use the run trick.
  • Sorceress' Garden and the Troll Stronghold Goutweed storeroom both do not allow players to run past guards in the same way the Monkey Madness II monkey guards do. Attempting to run through a guard in this way will cause the player to be caught and sent back.
  • The dangerous tiles in the Shadow Realm will still damage teammates in the overworld when attempting to use the run trick across a single dangerous tile
  • Acid pools spawned while fighting Vorkath or Xarpus cannot be tricked to avoid damage.
  • The wave attack in the second phase of the fight with Galvek cannot be avoided by using the run trick. The designated gap in the wave is the only way to avoid damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the rework of the Underground Pass with the release of Song of the Elves, the run trick used to be a very popular method to avoid all damage from the wall traps and floor traps in the dungeon.