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The current RuneFest Logo.

RuneFest is the name of the annual Jagex-run real world event for RuneScape players.

RuneFests[edit | edit source]

In-game rewards[edit | edit source]

2017 Runefest shield[edit | edit source]

Runefest shield detail.png

To promote the 2017 event, the Runefest shield was given to players who redeemed the code runefest17 using Diango's right-click "redeem-code" feature. The code was intended to be revealed for RuneFest attendees and those tuning in to the all-day stream on on 23 September 2017. However, it was obtained a day earlier than intended due to players successfully guessing the code.

2014 Runefest home teleport animation[edit | edit source]

The RuneFest 2014 Home Teleport animation.

A home teleport animation override could be unlocked by redeeming the code osrsrf2014 from Diango. The teleport features a cow, and can be toggled by right clicking the home teleport in the spellbook.

Information from YouTube and Jagex Mod clan chats[edit | edit source]

On 24 March, Mark Gerhard's second interview was released on the RuneScape YouTube channel. At two seconds into the video, the words "RuneFest 2010" were visible on a whiteboard behind Mods Paul M and Mark G.[1]

On 7 April, Mark Gerhard was asked in his Clan Chat, "Mark, can you shine a light on RuneFest for us?" to which he replied:

Aah RuneFest, seems our worst kept secret so far. We are planning a real world event for the players currently code named RuneFest. I can't give too much away otherwise the team will be beat me with my own shoes But I suppose I can say that I'm really excited about meeting the player(s). As are the rest of the Jagex family. Take care and hopefully see you all soon Irl.
— Mark Gerhard

On 11 April, Mark Gerhard said the follow regarding RuneFest in his Clan Chat:

Runescape nation was the project name for RuneFest. No RuneFest will go international afterwards, the 1st will be in England. Yeah it will go on tour :) I can't say too much about RuneFest though as the will club be [sic] to death with my own shoes if I do :) There will be official coms on RuneFest to follow shortly I'm sure
— Mark Gerhard

In response to, "Will there be a music element to RuneFest as hinted in the trademark apps?"

Yes Rule :)
— Mark Gerhard

Trademarks[edit | edit source]

  • On 18 March 2010, was registered by Jagex[2].
  • On 29 March, 2010, trademark applications were filed for "RuneFest"[3], "Jagex Nation"[4] and "RuneScape Nation"[5]. Both and are owned by Jagex[6][7].

The trademark classes for RuneFest, RuneScape Nation and Jagex Nation are:

Class 09: Audio recordings; video recordings; audio-visual recordings; pre-recorded publications; downloadable electronic publications; data-carriers for audio and visual and audio-visual recordings; CDs; DVDs.

Class 16: Printed publications; printed matter; books, leaflets, brochures; posters, postcards, stationery.

Class 25: Clothing, footwear, headgear.

Class 41: Entertainment; organising, promotion and production of entertainment and events; organising, production and presentation of shows, staged events, theatrical performances, concerts, live performationces and audience participation events; musical entertainment; live musical entertainment; production, presentation and distribution of sound and video recordings; provision of recreational facilities; arranging and conducting festivals; arranging and conducting competitions; arranging and conducting events relating to computer games and video games and Internet games; information and advisory and consultancy services relating to all of the foregoing.

— British Intellectual Property Office [3][4][5]

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