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For help with issues requiring an administrator, see RS:AR.
For the process for users to request adminship, see RS:RFA.

Administrators, or sysops, are editors who have gained access to the administrator usergroup following a successful request for adminship. Access to this usergroup allows administrators to use associated tools such as the ability to block and unblock users and IP addresses from editing; protect and unprotect pages to restrict editing; delete and restore pages and images, and their history or specific revisions; assign and remove the rollback and custodian user rights; and to edit CSS and JS. A full list of of rights associated with the usergroup can be found at Special:ListGroupRights. Administrators also take responsibility for determining consensus in discussions and are automatically eligible to receive the administrator role to act as a moderator in the Discord server and to receive the Wiki Admin flair on the r/2007scape subreddit. Bureaucrats additionally have the responsibility of determining consensus in requests for adminship and appropriately granting editors the usergroup. For easier recognition, administrators' and bureaucrats' usernames are highlighted as blue and green respectively.

Help from administrators

Main article: RuneScape:AR

Sometimes in the course of editing content on a wiki, you need access to the tools that are restricted to users who have the administrator user right: there is a central page that is monitored by the administrators where you can request assistance at RuneScape:Administrator requests. Alternatively:

For general editing help that does not require the use of administrators' tools, there is RuneScape:User help. You can also join our Discord server to gain help from other editors.

List of administrators


Username Talk Page Contributions Log Actions
Laagone Talk Contributions Log actions
Spineweilder Talk Contributions Log actions


Username Talk Page Contributions Log Actions
BigDiesel2m Talk Contributions Log actions
Brok Enwings Talk Contributions Log actions
Cook Me Plox Talk Contributions Log actions
Gau Cho Talk Contributions Log actions
Gaz Lloyd Talk Contributions Log actions
Iiii_I_I_I Talk Contributions Log actions
Jakesterwars Talk Contributions Log actions
JaydenKieran Talk Contributions Log actions
Jeljo Talk Contributions Log actions
Legaia2Pla Talk Contributions Log actions
Riblet15 Talk Contributions Log actions
Shoyrukon Talk Contributions Log actions
TehKittyCat Talk Contributions Log actions
Towelcat Talk Contributions Log actions


Administrators who have become inactive for six to twelve months (i.e. little to no activity on the Wiki itself) may have their rights removed at the discretion of bureaucrats.

Per Forum:Inactive admins, users whose rights were removed prior to 3 February 2019, as well as after that date, either by themselves or a bureaucrat, will have to go through a request for adminship process, while administrators who passed a request for adminship process as part of Forum:Retroactive RFAs will not need to be re-nominated should their rights be removed due to inactivity.