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This is a list of accounts designated for AWB use and possess the bot flag. To request bot flags, click here. Intentionally stopping AWB accounts for no reason is considered vandalism.

AWB accounts[edit source]

Please keep this list in alphabetical order.

AWB name Controlled by Sysop Emergency stop
AndBot Andmcadams No Stop
Bot 2 Pla Legaia 2 Pla Yes Stop
Bot50 Joeytje50 Yes Stop
Catbot Towelcat No Stop
CrowBot Crow No Stop
GauBot Gau Cho Yes Stop
HabbletAWB Habblet No Stop
JakesterwarsBot Jakesterwars No Stop
MBåt Julia No Stop
SlapChoppe Fjara Yes Stop
Spinewielder Spineweilder No Stop