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Automatically generated lists or autolists are lists or tables that are automatically constructed from data defined on other pages.

Updating an autolist[edit source]

Autolists can be updated by adding/updating the relevant page; autolists are not edited directly. For example, to change the products on molten glass, one would need to edit vial, light orb, etc..., adjusting the recipe infobox as necessary.

Once the data has been added/edited, the page with the list can regenerated by purging the page - perform doing any one of these:

  • Click the 'update now' or 'purge' link usually just above the table
  • Click the 'Refresh' link under the 'More' dropdown near the 'Edit' button in the top-right (note: refreshing your browser window is not sufficient alone)
  • Click 'Edit' then click 'Save' without changing anything (a null edit)
  • Add '?action=purge' to the URL and click the OK button

Full lists[edit source]

On pages, autolists are generally limited to 100 results - occasionally less for very large pages. This can mean that some results are not displayed. The RuneScape:Autolists/full page can be used to view up to 10,000 results, which is sufficient to see all pages.

The supported autolists also provide a link to prefill and load the form easily.

List of autolist generators[edit source]

These are the currently supported autolists by the full list form. There are other automatically generated lists on the wiki, but these are often completely shown, or are otherwise not necessary to be a part of the calculator.

Type Generating template Data definition template SMW properties
Monster drops Template:Dropping monsters list Template:DropsLine and related Property:Dropped item
Property:Dropped from
Property:Drop JSON
Store locations Template:Store locations list Template:StoreLine Property:Sold item
Property:Store stock
Property:Store sell price
Property:Store currency
Products Template:Uses material list Template:Recipe
Template:Infobox Construction
Property:Uses material
Property:Production JSON
Facilities Template:Uses facility list Template:Recipe Property:Uses facility
Property:Production JSON

Technical information[edit source]

The autolists are generated using Semantic MediaWiki, which allows storing, querying, and retrieval of data. All of the templates are backed by lua modules, which are much faster and extendable than wikitext. The setter modules set the data based on the parameters provided to them, which is then queried by the generation modules. The generation modules then make tables based on that data and displays it.

The monster drops and products modules additionally only set minimal properties, putting all of the other data into a JSON text blob. This JSON can then be decoded and parsed easily.

Feel free to query the same properties using Special:Ask, or via the API action ask.