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Welcome to OSRS Wiki![edit source]

OSRS Wiki Clan.png

OSRS Wiki is a relaxed social clan for players who use or edit the wiki. Our clan is open to all players, including free-to-play and Ironman mode players. Our main home world is world 339 United States flag.png; alternative home worlds are 333 United Kingdom flag.png, 532 Australia flag.png, and 437 United States flag.png Free-to-play icon.png.

Members of the clan are not required to be editors of the wiki, but they can create an account in order to be eligible for higher ranks.

Depending on demand, we may need to periodically remove less active members if we're close to the 500-person limit. If this happens to you, you're more than welcome to rejoin.

Joining OSRS Wiki[edit source]

The Clan Chat is open to guests. If you want to become a member of OSRS Wiki, please read the rules below and then ask in the Clan Chat for an invite.

Account linking[edit source]

If you create an account on the wiki, you can link your account by adding the following template on your userpage (make sure you're logged in!):

{{Userbox/Wiki Clan|Your in-game name here}}

You'll be eligible for the following ranks, depending on how many edits you have:

  • Clan icon - Emerald.png Emerald - Linked wiki account
  • Clan icon - Ruby.png Ruby - 10 edits
  • Clan icon - Diamond.png Diamond - 100 edits
  • Clan icon - Dragonstone.png Dragonstone - 500 edits
  • Clan icon - Onyx.png Onyx - 1,000 edits

You can see your editcount at Special:Editcount. If you're eligible and would like to have your rank updated, message a clan admin and we'll update it!

Rules[edit source]

We intend to moderate the clan pretty lightly, with the hope that people will be smart. Just be nice to everyone else, don't bother people, and have a good time. If you can manage that, you'll be fine. If not, we don't have a ton of patience.

If you see something wrong happening in the clan, feel free to talk to any clan admin, either ingame or on Discord.

Ranking system[edit source]

Here is an overview of the ranks used in the clan and the permissions associated with them. Higher ranked clan members have the abilities of lower ranks, in addition to whatever is listed.

For a list of clan members ranked above Sheriff and instructions on how to use the appropriate permissions, see here.

Rank Permissions Obtained by
Clan icon - Guest.png
  • Talk in the chat channel
  • Enter the Clan Hall (if a non-Guest is present)
Joining the clan chat
Clan icon - Sapphire.png
Sapphire Deposit coins into the Clan Coffer Accept an invitation to join OSRS Wiki
Clan icon - Emerald.png
Emerald Invite players into the clan Given out to players who link their wiki account
Clan icon - Ruby.png
Ruby Same as Emerald Given out to players with 10 non-userspace edits
Clan icon - Diamond.png
Diamond Same as Emerald Given out to players with 100 non-userspace edits
Clan icon - Dragonstone.png
Dragonstone Same as Emerald Given out to players with 500 non-userspace edits
Clan icon - Onyx.png
Onyx Same as Emerald Given out to players with 1,000 non-userspace edits
Clan icon - Sheriff.png
Sheriff Kick guests from the clan chat Given out to players who pass a request for rank
Clan icon - Gnome Child.png
Gnome Child Reserved for a future Events Team
Clan icon - Administrator.png
  • Assign ranks to lower-ranked clan members
  • Ban guests from the clan chat
  • Expel lower-ranked clan members from the clan
  • Organise events
  • Toggle Clan Hall settings (not within Permissions interface)
Administrators of the wiki
Clan icon - Merchant.png
Merchant Administrators of the wiki
Clan icon - Cook.png
  • Edit permissions granted to lower ranks
Cook Me Plox
Clan icon - Deputy owner.png
Deputy Owner
  • Edit rank titles within the clan
  • Edit the main settings (ex. clan interests and home world)
Riblet & Gaz[1]
Clan icon - Owner.png
  • Edit clan motif
Clan icon - Jmod.png
Jagex Moderator Automatic role given to Jagex Moderators. Being a Jagex Moderator
  1. ^ The longest-tenured Deputy Owner becomes Owner of the clan in the event of the Owner's resignation.

Requests for clan chat rank[edit source]

  • Requests for clan chat rank – see RS:RFR to request a Sheriff rank.
  • Requests for rights on the wiki – see RS:RFA. Wiki users who are requesting administrator or bureaucrat rights on the wiki.

Clan discussions[edit source]

All clan members are welcome to start discussions about the clan. These threads should be posted on the wiki's Redwood Grove, where they take place alongside discussion of other matters relating to the wiki.