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Unsolved[edit source]

Arclight[edit source]

  • How is the drainage calculated? Hypothesis: Drains 5%+1 but unconfirmed
    • Correct hypothesis, I tested this in the past at corp. Is level 310 def and 320 attack; drains 16 and 17 lvls respectively. [1]
  • Does Arclight drain demons even if it misses?
    • Spec did not lower stats when missing
  • Arclight vs Tekton?
    • Spec lowered the defence from 246 -> 233 (13 = 5%+1).
    • Spec that missed didn't lower any defence.
  • Same questions for Darklight

Bone dagger[edit source]

  • In what situations is the hit guaranteed? Is it if you aren't in combat? Is it if you are not the last to hit the npc? Is the hit guaranteed if you are already in combat?
    • From Marstead: Can say pretty authoritatively that you can be in combat -- routinely got guaranteed hits on Zilyana switching to the bone dagger mid fight, an NPC that'd usually be impossible for me to melee in ranged gear. Rule seems to be that you not be the last one to have dealt a hitsplat (Although I am not 100% sure yet if it counts a missed attack, or the last attack needs to have dealt damage)
  • Does the Defence drain only work if the enemy's Defence is undrained? e.g. a monster with 75 Defence, the drain only works if the Defence is 75/75 or higher for example 80/75

-tested with varrock guard and bone dagger did not reduce defence after I casted vulnerability on it.

Dorgeshuun crossbow[edit source]

  • Mostly solved except I forgot to check if it's a guaranteed hit even if the player is mid-combat

Dragon crossbow[edit source]

  • How many players does it hit max?

Eldritch nightmare staff[edit source]

  • Special attack: What's the max hit scaling equation? What's the max hit at 0 Magic. Does the special attack max hit cap at 99 Magic, 120 Magic or some other number?
    • 44-FLOOR((99-level)/2.27)
    • rxvKtT8.png [2]
  • Confirm that prayer can only be boosted up to 120 with the special attack
    • Confirmed that prayer can only be boosted to 120.

Granite hammer[edit source]

  • How does the max hit work? Presumably it does a normal damage roll and then adds 5 base damage
  • Does it deal 5 damage if the attack misses?
    • From Luna: Confirmed - 9 attack vs 40 defence npc - 20 results (6, 5, 5, 5, 16, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 16, 5, 5, 5, 5, 23)

Ivandis flail[edit source]

  • Does the damage bonus against Vampyres include magical damage from spells (it can autocast)?
    • My experiments suggest that no. Needs further verification.

Oak/Maple/Willow blackjack (o)/(d)/(r)[edit source]

  • Special stun mechanics
    • They delay the NPC's next hit by 1/2/3 ticks respectively. Does not depend on o/d/r
    • proc'd 17/100 times against Sand Crabs
    • After further discussion there seems to be a dependance on str level for successful stuns ʞooɔ 21:07, 24 May 2020 (UTC)

Mud pie[edit source]

  • Energy drained equation? Can you pray against it?

Fire staff/Mystic fire staff/Lava staff[edit source]

  • Do these and similar items provide weakness to Pearl bolts? 421 pearl bolt (e) against a fire staff yielded 0 pearl bolt specs above the expected max hit were there not to be a staff. Four specs were not recorded, however this sample size should be large enough regardless to not give data. Highest recorded spec was 20 with 86 ranged, if the fire staff did give the increase in damage as seen on Fire giants a max hit of 21 would be expected. Lava staff may need testing
    • From Luna: 421 pearl bolt (e) against a fire staff yielded 0 pearl bolt specs above the expected max hit were there not to be a staff. Four specs were not recorded, however this sample size should be large enough regardless to not give data. Highest recorded spec was 20 with 86 ranged, if the fire staff did give the increase in damage as seen on Fire giants a max hit of 21 would be expected. Lava staff may need testing
    • Could use a bit more testing. ʞooɔ 21:07, 24 May 2020 (UTC)

Rune thrownaxe[edit source]

  • This special attack hits at least 1 extra target. It hits all players within 3 tiles of the main target. It stops bouncing if it hits a 0, so the spec drain is variable. All of this is known. What is not known is the order of targets (?pid-related or other)

Power of Death[edit source]

  • How does the melee damage reduction stack with protect from melee?

Vesta's longsword[edit source]

  • Damage equation?

Volatile nightmare staff[edit source]

  • Special attack: What's the max hit scaling equation? What's the max hit at 0 Magic. Does the special attack max hit cap at 99 Magic, 120 Magic or some other number?
    • Vol/eldritch caps at 99 magic havent tested at 0 magic [3]
    • magic lvl*(7/12)+(7/6)
    • (before any magic dmg modifiers so even before its own staff)
    • that should at least be accurate for the lvls u can use volatile for[4]

Dark bow[edit source]

  • For Dragon arrows and other arrows, how is the damage calculated?
  • Does it roll max(8,min(48,random(0-1.3*maxhit))) for example? Or the 8 damage is added after the roll? Does it hit 0 if the attack misses? Does it roll random(0-48) if the predicted max hit is above 48?
  • Is the cap 48 for non-dragon arrows?

Dinh's bulwark[edit source]

  • Does it hit 10 enemies including the primary target, or a total of 11 enemies?

It hits the primary target, then hits up to 9 npcs in the area for a total of 10 hitsplats. Two of these hitsplats can be on the primary target.

Dragon claws[edit source]

  • What's the min and max hit of the special attack assuming you get the first accuracy check e.g. max 40-20-10-11 and min 20-10-5-6
  • What's the min and max hit of the special attack assuming you get the second accuracy check e.g. max 0-20-10-11 and min 0-10-5-6
  • What's the min and max hit of the special attack assuming you get the third accuracy check e.g. max 0-0-10-11 and min 0-0-5-6
  • What's the min and max hit of the special attack assuming you get the fourth accuracy check e.g. max 0-0-0-11 and min 0-0-0-6
  • If you miss all 4, do you hit 0-0-0-0 or 0-0-0-1?
    • Confirmed it’s possible to hit a 0-0-0-0.

Heavy/light ballista[edit source]

  • Does the special attack actually cause any additional delay? What if you switch to/from it from a fast weapon like knives right before/after the spec?

Rune claws[edit source]

  • Is the special attack 1 tick slower, after the special attack? Is this 10% additional max hit, or 10% additional strength level?

- The special attack is a 5 tick attack whereas the primary attack is a 4 tick attack

Silverlight (dyed)[edit source]

  • Does this count as Silverlight or Darklight?

Counts as silverlight (lacks special attack and cannot be used on dark altar for arclight creation)

Silverlight[edit source]

  • What is the boost (accuracy/damage) versus demons?

Twisted bow[edit source]

  • How is the max hit damage multiplier truncated? How does it truncate 3*Magic/10? If you stat drain a monster, does this lower the multiplier?
    • From Luna: Mod Ash Tweet confirming stat drain lowers the multiplier, might still be worth testing just in case. Credit to /u/LA76YR on Reddit for sourcing the tweet

    • Simply rounds it down to nearest integer. Pretty sure it checks for current stats instead of base stats, but someone that does solo corp should check it if you need to be sure i guess. [6]

Magic-boosting prayers[edit source]

Magic shortbow (i)[edit source]

  • Does the MSB(i) special attack increase or reduce accuracy?

Keris[edit source]

  • Does Keris work against Scarab swarms? What about Scabarites?
Works against scarab mage, scarabs, locust rider and scarab swarm. ʞooɔ 22:56, 24 May 2020 (UTC)

Salve amulet + black mask[edit source]

  • Do salve and black masks cause a multiplicative damage boost, or they are additively combined with mbns gear?
    • Salve and black masks to give a multiplicative boost to maxhit, but they don't stack with eachother. [7]
    • Re: mbns: Bitterkoekje dps calc seemed to do it correctly (haven't heard of ppl getting different results in game); has it implemented additively [8]

Obsidian armour + berserker necklace[edit source]

  • When wearing both obsidian armour and the zerker necklace, in what order is the max hit boosted? Does it apply the armour then the necklace, or the other way around?

Holy water[edit source]

  • Holy water: What is the accuracy and max hit multiplier?
    • Estimated at 1.6x max hit multiplier -- 20 vs 13. ʞooɔ 21:49, 24 May 2020 (UTC)

Corporeal Beast[edit source]

  • Can we list all weapons that don't have a penalty?
    • Claim: Spears on stab, halberds on stab, all magic. [9]

Dharok’s[edit source]

  • Can we confirm Dharok's max hit equation at a bunch of different current/max hp levels?

Torag’s[edit source]

  • Do we have a source for the Defence boost bonus?
  • Does Torag decrease absolute or relative run %

Dragonfire[edit source]

  • What are all the types of dragonfire, and how do all the antidragonfire items affect the max hit?
  • How is the text dialogue affected?

Magic/Ranged immunity[edit source]

  • Which monsters are magic/ranged immune?

-65 bonuses[edit source]

  • If you have -65 attack bonus against someone with -65 defence bonus, is it a guaranteed miss?
    • This is weird behaviour here. I only can think of 1 npc that has a defence bonus lower than -64:
    • It's the only NPC I know you don't guaranteed splash if -64 or lower magic attack bonus. So to answer the question, I don't think there's a guaranteed miss. Thinking the attacker can roll a 0 while the defender can roll a -1. Thinking negative number rolls are only possible if you have -65 or lower.[10]
    • See also: [11]

Bolts[edit source]

  • Does the accuracy roll go before or after the special attack check?
Opal, jade, pearl, ruby, and diamond roll the special attack before accuracy, the rest roll it after. -Towelcat (talk) 16:16, 25 May 2020 (UTC)

Opal bolts[edit source]

  • Presumably the special attack is guaranteed accuracy when it procs?
  • Does the proc just boost the minimum hit?

Pearl bolts[edit source]

  • Are these monsters fiery?
    • Pyrelord
    • Tekton
    • Pyrefiend superior
    • Fareed
    • Fire elemental
    • Flambeed
    • Fire Warrior of Lesarkus (Temple of Ikov)
      • Turns out you can't attack with non-ice arrows as you are interrupted by combat, so inconsequential (likely not fiery though) Andmcadams (talk)
    • Mummy (fire)

Jade bolts[edit source]

  • What are the mechanics? Does a proc = guaranteed knockdown, or it only procs if it succeeds at the Agility roll. What is the Agility roll anyways?

Emerald bolts[edit source]

  • Can it proc if the enemy is already poisoned or immune to poison?

Yes, provided they aren't immune to poison. It will refresh the initial damage threshold

  • Is the hit guaranteed if it procs?

Dragonstone bolts[edit source]

  • Does any antidragonfire work?

Onyx bolt[edit source]

  • Are undead immune?
    • The bolt special doesn't proc against undead enemies (tested against shades, ~230 shots)

Restricted[edit source]

Anger weapons[edit source]

Accuracy/damage mechanics for:

  • Anger battleaxe
  • Anger mace
  • Anger sword

Dawnbringer[edit source]

  • What is the max hit equation? Does it cap at 120 Magic? Is there a minimum hit?
  • What are the special attack mechanics?
  • What's the accuracy of the main attack and the special attack?

Magic secateurs[edit source]

  • What is the combat equation to fight Tanglefoot?

Imbued tephra[edit source]

  • How much damage is dealt? Does it scale with RC or Smithing? What about when standing on a red/blue circle?
    • Been a while since I last did zalcano, maybe it changed. Didn't check different levels, only for mine which were 90+. There doesn't seem to be an accuracy roll. If not standing on blue circle it does 0-18 damage, and if standing on blue circle you get 9 bonus damage (resulting in 9-27), effectively doubling the damage-per-hit. Not sure if you get a damage penalty for red circles, but if you stand on those you should move away anyway instead of throwning. [12]

Xeric’s aid[edit source]

  • Stat effects of Xeric's aid and Xeric's aid (-)

Ice demon[edit source]

  • Does the Ice Demon reduce damage or boost damage from Iban's staff?

Morrigan's javelin[edit source]

  • Special attack mechanics

Morrigan's throwing axe[edit source]

  • Special attack damage equation

Statius's warhammer[edit source]

  • Damage equation? Is Defence drained even if the attack misses?

Zuriel's staff[edit source]

  • Blood spells - is HP restoration 75% of damage or is it 37.5%?
  • Shadow/Smoke: Confirm that the poison/attack drain is 2x what it should be

Vesta's spear[edit source]

  • What are the mechanics of the special attack?

Finished[edit source]

Saradomin godsword[edit source]

  • Confirm whether SGS heals and prayer restore rounds up and not down
    • yes - 31 hit gave 15/7 ʞooɔ 21:07, 24 May 2020 (UTC)

Obsidian staff[edit source]

  • Does whacking with obsidian staff + obsidian armour or berserker increase damage?
    • yes - 27 vs 21 max on a dummy. ʞooɔ 21:07, 24 May 2020 (UTC)

Brine sabre[edit source]

  • How is 25% of the damage calculated? Simple multiplication?
    • seems to be floor(hit/4). displayed_skill_level = max(prev_displayed_skill_level, real_skill_level + floor(hit/4)) ʞooɔ 21:07, 24 May 2020 (UTC)

Dragon battleaxe[edit source]

  • Does it drain based on your actual skill stat or based on your level. i.e. can you use a potion to boost your stats up and then use the special for greater effect?
    • From Luna: Boosts less if you drain your stats. Needs testing for raised stats
    • Drains [boosted_level]/10 levels rounded down. This is the case for both drains and boosts. ʞooɔ 21:07, 24 May 2020 (UTC)
  • How is the Str bonus calculated? Is it floor(10+0.25*(floor(Atk*.1)+floor(Def*.1)+floor(Ran*.1)+floor(Mag*.1))) ? (probably yes but to re-confirm)
    • this appears to be true for all cases I tested ʞooɔ 21:07, 24 May 2020 (UTC)

Water staff[edit source]

  • Do these and similar items provide immunity to Pearl bolts?
    • From Luna: 315 pearl bolt (e) against a water staff yielded 0 pearl bolt animations. This seems to suggest that a water staff gives immunity

Rod of ivandis[edit source]

  • Does the special attack work if the npc has exactly 50% hp?
    • From Damon: No. Tested on lvl 45 Vampyre Juveniles E of Burgh de Rott (@ 30/60 hp w/ monster examine). Lvl 54 Juvinates at the same location have an odd max HP so can’t ever be at 50%.

Barrelchest anchor[edit source]

  • Is the stat drain rounded down for the special attack?
    • yes -- hits below 10 have no effect ʞooɔ 21:07, 24 May 2020 (UTC)

Saradomin sword[edit source]

  • How is the Magic damage calculated? How is the Magic xp from the magic damage calculated?
    • Seems to genuinely be 1-16 in all cases I could test -- no dependence on visible Magic level ʞooɔ 21:07, 24 May 2020 (UTC)

Zamorak godsword[edit source]

  • Does it freeze if the attack misses? (Presumably not)
    • Does not freeze with a miss. Does freeze with a successful 0 hit. Funnily enough the freeze effect sticks around post-death in a combat ring. ʞooɔ 21:07, 24 May 2020 (UTC)

Topaz bolts[edit source]

  • Can they proc vs monsters?
    • No. Tested with approx. 300 bolts (4.4% chance of proccing ea.) Andmcadams (talk)
  • Is the hit guaranteed?
    • No. Based on my tests, the proc activates whether you hit or not. Tested with approx. 200 bolts at 4.4% proc rate (8 procs all 0s with a max hit of 20). Incredibly unlikely that it only procs on hit. This was done using very low ranged accuracy gear Andmcadams (talk)
  • Does it really only lower Magic by 1 level?
  • What if the enemy already has drained stats?
    • still drains by 1. Alt got hit by b2b procs and went down 2 magic levels Andmcadams (talk)

Sapphire bolts[edit source]

  • Double-check prayer drainage equation.
    • Prayer points are gained even if the opponent does not have enough (or has 0) prayer points. Also does not overheal prayer Andmcadams (talk)
  • Is the hit guaranteed?
    • No, see topaz bolt explanation. Appears to work similarly. Andmcadams (talk)
  • Does it proc against monsters?

Dragon thrownaxe[edit source]

  • How does the "fast" attack work? It resets the attack delay and hits on the next tick?
    • It completely removes the previous attack delay, and sets it to the attack delay of a dragon thrownaxe attack instead. Thus, 4 ticks on rapid or 5 ticks on other style. [13]

Dragon warhammer[edit source]

  • What are Tekton mechanics again? We probably have this written somewhere
    • 30% drain on hit; 5% drain on miss [14]

Tekton + BGS[edit source]

  • If BGS does 1-10 damage against Tekton, does it drain 10 stats?
    • Yes, drains 10 defence levels if you hit 1-10.