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The Old School RuneScape Wiki is beginning a project to crowdsource information about skilling success rates with a RuneLite plugin that collects information about your skilling actions (for example, burning a shark)

How do I contribute data?

Update: Since RuneLite version 1.6.28, the OSRS Wiki Crowdsourcing plugin is now included with the base client and is enabled by default. It no longer appears in the Plugin Hub, but can still be toggled on or off in the RuneLite settings. All you need to do is play the game on RuneLite.

What's the goal?

An example of the sort of skilling graph we can make with this project's data

We want to be able to figure out the exact rates of any skilling activity that involves randomness. That includes:

  • Cooking burn rates
  • Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing success rates
  • Agility shortcut/course success rates
  • Thieving rates (pickpocketing and more)
  • Hunter success rates
  • Farming disease and harvest rates (will be very hard)
  • ZMI rune distributions
  • Herbiboar distributions
  • Silly things like gem crushing, pottery cracking, Firemaking success, Construction nail-bending, rusty swords...

From there, we can create all sorts of cool tools that leverage the exact rates and how they vary with level.

We're also using similar methods to improve other parts of the wiki, including:

  • Gathering information about transportation methods, to improve pathfinding tools
  • Getting complete information about item/entity interactions
  • Gathering NPC spawn locations
  • Gathering music unlock locations
  • Transcribing all ingame dialogue

What is being gathered?

We do not see your username, IP address, or any other personally identifying information. Depending on the type of crowdsourcing, we may log your ingame location (for example, to track music unlock spots). The data is currently on a 5-minute delay, but it will be bumped up to 15 or 30 minutes as it gets more widely used. This unaggregated data will never be shared with anyone besides technical wiki admins.


For every food item you cook or burn, we gather:

  • Whether it was a success or a failure
  • Your Cooking level
  • Whether you are cooking at a fire or a range
  • Whether you are cooking at the Hosidius Kitchen
  • Whether you are wearing Cooking gauntlets
  • Whether you are in the vicinity of the Hosidius Kitchen, and whether you have Elite Kourend Diary finished.


In certain Woodcutting situations (particularly, when we're confident you're not doing any tick manipulation that makes tracking difficult), we will log (pun intended):

  • Your woodcutting level
  • The axe you're using
  • The tree you're chopping and its location
  • The ticks you started chopping, stopped chopping, got logs, and got nests
  • Why you stopped chopping (tree fell, inventory full, clicked away).

ZMI rune distribution

Any time you use the ZMI altar, we'll log:

  • The change to your inventory in the next tick
  • Your Runecraft level
  • Whether you've done the Ardougne Medium Diary


  • All NPC dialogue, and the NPC's name. (Soon to be added: NPC chathead model/animation)
  • All player dialogue
  • All dialogue options

All of these have your username stripped from relevant dialogue. If your username is a common word used in conversation, this sanitization may be a bit overzealous.

Music unlocks

Any time you unlock a music track, we log:

  • Your current location
  • The track unlocked.


To facilitate the pathfinding project, any time you move more than two squares in one tick, we log:

  • Your previous location
  • Your new location
  • How many ticks you spent at the previous location (AKA a bound on the teleport time)

Questions? Feedback?

If you have other ideas for OSRS data that could be crowdsourced (or just want to help parse what we have), join our Discord and talk to Cook#2222.

You can see the code at