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In order to improve and update content, the Old School RuneScape Wiki has started a program to affiliate with topical Discord servers to write guides for specialty content. If your community affiliates with the wiki, writes and maintains a strategy guide about a specific activity, we will put a box at the top of those guides, directing wiki readers to your Discord server as follows:

We're particularly interested in Discord servers that cover parts of the game that the wiki has historically had bad or missing information. These include (but certainly aren't limited to):

  • PvM strategies
  • Ironman-specific guides and strategies
  • Minigame strategies
  • Other niche topics (for example, speedrunning) with emergent strategies

If that description doesn't fit your community, don't fret -- we'd still like to talk to you and see what avenues there might be for working together.

See rsw:Forum:Discord collaboration, guides and links for more insight into why the wiki is interested in this type of collaboration.

The process[edit source]

If you are part of a community interested in collaborating with the wiki, feel free to join our Discord first and ask about the program. Here are some general guidelines, but don't treat them as absolute requirements:

  • The group should be acknowledged by the Old School RuneScape community at-large as experts in a specific area, and should be in good standing with the community.
  • The community on the Discord must help write and maintain a set of pages related to the Discord's purpose. Preferably, some of this should be written before the Redwood Grove thread so we have an idea of what improvements we're getting.
  • As a rule of thumb, we're aiming for servers with at least 500-1000 members, although that shouldn't be seen as a hard rule for niche, but well-defined servers (for example, speedrunners).
  • The Discord must be moderated, and follow the Rules of RuneScape.

If this sounds like your kind of party, we can start looking at specific guides and articles that would be useful. The final step is to make a post on our wiki forums proposing affiliation (check out the table below for some examples), and the wiki community can give it a stamp of approval.

Current affiliates[edit source]

Server Content area Discussion Date
RuneScape Speedruns Speedrunning guides link 28 May 2019
Crack the Clue Crack the Clue III link 16 February 2023