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This page contains useful mark-up and syntax information needed to edit a wiki page.

Text formatting[edit source]

Bolding Text

To bold text, use <b></b> tags, three single quotes, or for whole lines, a semicolon.




  • Hi!
Underlining Text

To underline text, use <u></u> tags.

  • Bye!
Striking Text

To strike text, use <s></s> tags.

  • Hi!
Italicising Text

To italicise text, use <i></i> tags or two single quotes.



  • Hi!

Use <sup></sup> for superscripts and <sub></sub> for subscripts.

  • Hi!Bye!


  • Bye!Hi!
Other Fonts
  • <tt>This gives you typewriter font.</tt>
  • <span style="font-variant:small-caps">This gives you small caps.</span>.
  • This gives you typewriter font.
  • This gives you small caps.
Positioning and Ordering Text
  • <div align="center"></div> will center text. <div align="left"></div> and <div align="right"></div> will align text left and right respectively.
  • Colons indent text. Multiple colons will indent text further.
  • Asterisks will bullet text, and multiple asterisks will indent the bullets.
  • The # key will number text, and multiple #'s will further indent the numbering but will restart the numbering from 1.
<div align="center">Bye!</div>

  • Hi!
    • Bye!
      • Hi!
        • Bye!
  1. Bye!
    1. Hi!
  2. Bye!
    1. Hi!
    2. Bye!
Ignoring Code

Use <nowiki></nowiki> tags to ignore code.

  • <b>Hi!</b>

Headers[edit source]

To make a header, put equal signs around the text. The more equal signs, the smaller the header.

=The Biggest Header=

==A Smaller Header==

===Even Smaller===


Links[edit source]

  • When clicked will they direct the browser to that page.
    • The link will appear red if it does not exist. For example, [[dragon fingernails]] does not exist and will produce dragon fingernails.

  • Any url will be automatically linked. For example, will automatically appear as (The link has to start with "http://")

  • A link can be named by using the "|" separator followed by its name.
    • [[magic|A Powerful Skill]] will give A Powerful Skill.
    • Exception: For linking out of the Old School RuneScape Wiki, do not use the "|" separator. [ An Awesome Game] will give An Awesome Game, and [|An Awesome Game] will not. It will only include the "|" in its name.

Colour in templates[edit source]

  • White : #ffffff
  • Black: #000000
  • Red : #ff0000
  • Yellow : #ffff00
  • Lime/Light Green : #00ff00
  • Dark Green : #008000
  • Olive : #808000
  • Blue : #0000ff
  • Teal : #008080
  • Aqua/Cyan : #00ffff
  • Navy Blue : #000080
  • Purple : #800080
  • Fuchsia/Light Purple : #ff00ff
  • Maroon : #800000
  • Silver : #c0c0c0
  • Gray : #808080

Table syntax[edit source]

Tables always start on a new line with


would yield:

Jagex Rules

Of course, it is hard to visually distinguish between the cells in the above simple table. Adding class="wikitable" will rectify that this. Also, a new row of cells can be created by adding |- on a new line.


{| class="wikitable"
|Old School RuneScape

would yield:

Old School RuneScape Wiki
Jagex Rules

Finally, adding in a heading involves starting a new line with ! instead of |, like so:

{| class="wikitable"
!HP Level
!Firebuilding Level

would yield:

HP Level Firebuilding Level
50 70

It is possible to make tables more complex than this, with more columns and rows (and other features).

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