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The Grand Exchange.

The Grand Exchange Market Watch is a guide and information resource for you to track prices and other information for items traded on the Grand Exchange within Old School RuneScape. The information here is obtained from other traders and players who use the exchange, and you are encouraged to help participate in sharing this trading information.

The Grand Exchange Prices can be found on the official website here. The Old School Wiki's real-time price guide can be found here.

Market indices[edit source]

The following are some "average prices" to try and get an idea of the general health of Old School RuneScape's economy. As of 13 June 2020, the index was started at a base value of 100, and the current value is a general reflection of how prices have gone up or down since then. Below are the guide prices for items on the Grand Exchange.

Index As of today Change
Coins 100.png Common Trade Index 78.42 Up.svg +0.86
Law rune.png Rune Index 80.17 Up.svg +0.68
Maple logs.png Log Index 98.44 Up.svg +0.58
Lobster.png Food Index 91.7 Down.svg -0.51
Runite ore.png Metal Index 90.45 Up.svg +0.65
Ranarr weed.png Herb Index 227.46 Up.svg +0.22
Feather.png High Volume Trade Index 97.81 Up.svg +0.84

Bossing Indices[edit source]

For the time being, Wintertodt, Zalcano, and Tempoross will not have indicies created, as their loot currently scales with level.

Index Unique Index Value Unique Index Change Non-Unique Index Value Non-Unique Index Change
Ikkle hydra (serpentine).png Alchemical Hydra 154.6 Up.svg +0.72 127.97 Up.svg +0.55
Dharok's greataxe.png Barrows 108.05 Up.svg +0.08 77.03 Up.svg +0.5
Bryophyta's essence.png Bryophyta 116.18 Up.svg +0 110.21 Up.svg +0.73
Callisto cub.png Callisto 8.88 Down.svg -0.23 96.61 Up.svg +1.58
Hellpuppy.png Cerberus 170.12 Down.svg -0.98 103.11 Up.svg +0.39
Pet chaos elemental.png Chaos Elemental N/A N/A 207.09 Up.svg +0.15
Ancient staff.png Chaos Fanatic 1662.18 Up.svg +0 86.19 Down.svg -0.07
Pet zilyana.png Commander Zilyana 99.66 Down.svg -1.15 118.14 Down.svg -0.27
Pet corporeal critter.png Corporeal Beast 77.98 Up.svg +0.16 111.81 Down.svg -0.54
Fedora.png Crazy Archaeologist 76.82 Up.svg +0 143.38 Down.svg -0.21
Pet dagannoth supreme.png Dagannoth Kings 142.48 Down.svg -0.49 119.24 Up.svg +0.29
Numulite 25.png Deranged Archaeologist N/A N/A 93.02 Up.svg +0.09
Pet general graardor.png General Graardor 161.97 Down.svg -0.16 100.17 Down.svg -0.02
Baby mole.png Giant Mole 111.87 Up.svg +1.07 109.43 Down.svg -0.29
Noon.png Grotesque Guardians 128.46 Up.svg +1.01 136.02 Up.svg +0.44
Bottomless compost bucket.png Hespori 265.62 Up.svg +2 85 Up.svg +0.9
Kq head.png Kalphite Queen 96.92 Up.svg +0 124.03 Up.svg +0.03
Kbd heads.png King Black Dragon N/A N/A 94.41 Up.svg +0.48
Pet kraken.png Kraken 122.73 Down.svg -1.94 118.65 Down.svg -0.21
Pet kree'arra.png Kree'arra 149.02 Down.svg -0.99 239.59 Down.svg -0.64
Pet k'ril tsutsaroth.png K'ril Tsutsaroth 150.54 Up.svg +1.36 170.51 Down.svg -0.72
Ring of 3rd age.png The Mimic 93.55 Up.svg +1.39 75.04 Up.svg +0.1
Nexling.png Nex Index 92.89 Down.svg -0.19 84.58 Up.svg +0.22
Little nightmare.png The Nightmare 104.98 Up.svg +0.11 112.76 Up.svg +0.5
Hill giant club.png Obor 97.06 Up.svg +2.57 91.52 Up.svg +0.52
Muphin (ranged).png Phantom Muspah 2563.69 Down.svg -63.58 91.29 Up.svg +0.44
Scorpia's offspring.png Scorpia 34.57 Up.svg +0.61 126.88 Up.svg +1.44
Skotos.png Skotizo 5.36 Up.svg +0 95.73 Down.svg -0.01
Sraracha.png Sarachnis 63.32 Up.svg +0.47 113.53 Up.svg +0.56
Pet smoke devil.png Thermonuclear Smoke Devil 91.21 Up.svg +1.77 107.17 Up.svg +0.5
Venenatis spiderling.png Venenatis 44.02 Down.svg -1.1 99.27 Down.svg -0.39
Vet'ion jr..png Vet'ion 27.33 Up.svg +0.93 92.96 Up.svg +0.73
Vorki.png Vorkath 84.64 Up.svg +1.49 86.68 Up.svg +1.01
Pet snakeling.png Zulrah 100.08 Up.svg +2.5 119.95 Down.svg -0.4
Twisted bow.png Chambers of Xeric 281.75 Down.svg -4.09 149.7 Up.svg +0.5
Scythe of vitur (uncharged).png Theatre of Blood 224.26 Down.svg -3.79 140.32 Up.svg +0.73
Tumeken's shadow (uncharged).png Tombs of Amascut 88.33 Down.svg -0.67 84.46 Up.svg +2.55

Items by skill[edit source]

Skill Details
Construction icon.png Construction Building and garden supplies
Mahogany bookcase (flatpack).png Construction flatpacks Construction flatpacks
Cooking icon.png Cooking Food and ingredients
Crafting icon.png Crafting Leather, jewellery, and crafting items
Farming icon.png Farming Seeds, saplings, produce, and farming tools
Firemaking icon.png Firemaking Light sources and logs
Fishing icon.png Fishing Fish, baits, fishing equipment and boosts
Fletching icon.png Fletching Logs, unstrung bows, ammunition and boosts
Herblore icon.png Herblore Herbs, potions and ingredients
Hunter icon.png Hunter Camouflage gear, supplies, drops, baits, and boosts
Magic icon.png Magic Runes, wizard clothing and staves
Defence icon.png Melee armour Melee armour and accessories
Attack icon.png Melee weapons Melee weapons
Mining icon.png Mining Pickaxes, ores, gems and essence
Prayer icon.png Prayer Bones, potions, prayer armour, prayer items
Ranged icon.png Ranged Ranged weapons, ammunitions, armour and cannon parts
Runecraft icon.png Runecraft Runes, essence, talismans and tiaras
Slayer icon.png Slayer Slayer equipment, drops, and boosts
Smithing icon.png Smithing Ores, bars, weapons, armour and fletching items
Woodcutting icon.png Woodcutting Logs, hatchets, jungle area necessities and boosts

Other items[edit source]

Items Details
3rd age longsword.png Treasure Trails Coveted items from Treasure Trails
Godsword blade.png God Wars Dungeon Items related to the God Wars Dungeon
Golden statuette.png Non-combat minigames Items related to various minigames, except combat minigames
Dharok's greataxe.png Combat minigames Items related to combat minigames
Blue partyhat.png Seasonal Items related to seasonal content: holiday events and leagues
Scythe of vitur.png Raids Items related to Raids
Coins 100.png Most traded items Items which have been in the top 100 most traded list
3rd age druidic robe top.png Most expensive items Items which have been in the top 300 most expensive list
High Level Alchemy.png Alchemy items Items which can be profitable with High Level Alchemy (and Low Level Alchemy)
Pot.png General Store items Items which can be profitable by sale to a general store
White apron.png Non-combat clothing Non-combat clothing
Gilded armour set (lg).png Item Sets Packaged Item Sets
Vial of water.png Potions Potions and their different dosage variants
Old school bond.png Miscellaneous items Items not otherwise categorised