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The Log Index is made up of a weighted average of all of the current logs listed in the Market Watch, with the starting date of this average being on 13 June 2020, at an index of 100. The overall rising and falling of log prices is reflected in this index.

While specialised for just watching log prices, it is set up and adjusted in a manner similar to the Common Trade Index, and the divisor may be adjusted to include new logs added by Jagex (see the FAQ for more information).

As of today, this index is 84.66 Up.svg +0

Historical chart[edit source]


Summary[edit source]

Any suggested changes to this index should be added to the talk page.

  • Start date: 13 June 2020 (at index of 100)
  • Index today: 84.66
  • Change today: Up.svg +0
  • Number of items: 11 (last adjusted on 13 June 2020)
  • Index divisor: 11.0000

List of items[edit source]

This is the current list of items included in this index:

Item Price Direction Low Alch High Alch Limit Volume Members Details Last updated
1215,0002,093,422Free-to-play icon.pngview2 hours ago
Achey tree logsAchey tree logs289
1213,0004,693Member icon.pngview2 hours ago
Oak logsOak logs55
81215,00010,863,824Free-to-play icon.pngview2 hours ago
Willow logsWillow logs18
162415,0002,930,884Free-to-play icon.pngview2 hours ago
Teak logsTeak logs154
121813,0001,402,100Member icon.pngview2 hours ago
Maple logsMaple logs10
324815,00021,359,419Free-to-play icon.pngview2 hours ago
Mahogany logsMahogany logs566
203011,0008,679,809Member icon.pngview2 hours ago
Arctic pine logsArctic pine logs528
142111,00034,338Member icon.pngview2 hours ago
Yew logsYew logs277
649612,00010,867,246Free-to-play icon.pngview2 hours ago
Magic logsMagic logs995
12819212,0009,395,876Member icon.pngview2 hours ago
Redwood logsRedwood logs283
18027012,0001,976,597Member icon.pngview2 hours ago

Adjustments[edit source]

None yet