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In the spirit of Wikipedia, this page lists historical errors found on the Old School RuneScape Wiki that went unnoticed.

Please do not create errors in an attempt to have them listed here.

Error Length Insertion date Removal date Notes
The Larupia top page incorrectly stated that the spike colour was dependent on player hair. It instead depends on the player's base boots. 2820 days 24 February 2013 14 November 2020 Copied from the RuneScape Wiki, where the error was fixed on the same day. This is a graphical bug.
The Gardener Ghost page's infobox and File:Gardener Ghost.png were spelled "Gardner Ghost". 2726 days 9 March 2013 28 October 2020 Alternative but incorrect name commonly used.
The dungeon rat page erroneously listed the Observatory Dungeon as a location. 2682 days 9 March 2013 12 July 2020 Likely copied from the RuneScape Wiki and never fixed on the Old School Wiki when it was fixed on the RuneScape Wiki. Was present on RSW since July 2007.
Sapphire bolt listed creation experience 4 when it was 4.7 2,680 days 14 September 2013 16 January 2020
The Slayer page referred to Barbarian Village as Gunnarsgrunn, a RuneScape 3 rename. 2590 days 11 March 2013 12 April 2020 Originally copied over from the RuneScape Wiki and never adjusted for Old School's old school name.
The weight for various bonemeal versions was incorrectly listed as 1 kg instead of 1.5 kg. 2589 days 5 April 2013 7 May 2020 The weight was wrong since the addition of the bonemeal page.
The drop table on kalphite guardian had many mistakes. 2547 days 13 March 2013 3 March 2020 Starting with the addition of rune platebody to the drop table, this drop table has been incorrect ever since.
The beer page had the wrong temporary skill boosts. 2470 days 17 November 2013 22 August 2020 Copied from the RuneScape Wiki and never fixed on the Old School Wiki. It had existed on the RuneScape Wiki since 2009.
The dwarf page mistakenly listed many dwarf variations that did not exist, such as level 56 and 64 dwarves in the Mining Guild. 2334 days 29 September 2013 18 February 2020 Originally copied over from the RuneScape Wiki and never adjusted for Old School's different combat levels.
Loop and tooth halves of the crystal key stated that they gave 10 Crafting experience when combined when they actually don't. 2270 days 29 January 2014 16 April 2020 This mistake was copied from the RuneScape Wiki and was never corrected for Old School.
The location of the trapdoor to Keldagrim from the Grand Exchange was listed as north-east on the Quality Armour Shop page rather than where it actually is, north-west. 2235 days 21 February 2014 5 April 2020 This mistake was copied from RuneScape Wiki, where it was fixed ~9 months later, but the fix was never copied.
The rat's tail page referred to Witch's Potion as a miniquest instead of a quest. 2174 days 22 March 2014 4 March 2020 Likely copied from the RuneScape Wiki and never corrected for witch's potion being considered a quest in Old School instead of a miniquest.
File had typo in naming. Mape instead of Map. 2,096 days 22 July 2014 17 April 2020 Misspelled file name.
The gnome child drop table was an entire table of random things instead of just bones as it should have been. 2088 days 26 July 2014 13 April 2020 Likely copied from the RuneScape Wiki and never corrected for Old School's old school drop table.
The yak-hide armour (top) page mentioned a non-existent passive set effect provided by yak-hide armour when in combat with ice trolls on Neitiznot or Jatizso. 2082 days 12 October 2013 22 June 2019 Copied from a mistake on the RuneScape Wiki and never corrected on the Old School Wiki.
The free-to-play Crafting training page had non-UK digit grouping in several places. 1862 days 27 March 2015 1 May 2020 This error was likely just due to ignorance of our policy of using UK groupings, it was slowly fixed over time with nobody noticing all of them at once.
The explorer's ring 3 was mistakenly labelled as non-alchemisable. 1811 days 5 March 2015 18 February 2020 Probably originated from the RuneScape Wiki. The other rings were unaffected.
In Nightmare Zone, Count Draynor was said to regenerate every time the player hit him, however, he just has an increased regeneration rate. 1771 days 15 September 2015 21 July 2020 Likely due to it looking like every attack would trigger a health increase and not testing when not attacking.
The release date for Kandarin ogres was mistakenly listed as 7 May 2003, when they actually came out 9 April 2002. 1673 days 22 July 2015 19 February 2020 Originated on RuneScape Wiki, which was also incorrect for years.
The Ourania Altar experience multiplier was written as double instead of 1.7 times the base amount. 1332 days 12 October 2016 5 June 2020 It was polled to give double, but has never actually worked that way since its release.