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This is a list of ideas for improvements to the wiki that have suggested but which no editors are currently working on. Any interested users may take on one of these projects. You can suggest a project on this article's talk page.

  • Game knowledge is split into four main descriptions based upon the width and depth required - none, low, medium, high
  • Wikicode knowledge is given a few main qualifiers:
    • Basic - essentially just being able to write basic articles with any editor
    • Medium - being able to edit in source mode for better use of images and templates, or for easily bulk editing.
    • Advanced - being able to use more advanced source mode functions, from calculations to template parameters to subst and more
    • Modifiers - additions to mark specific things that you may need for editing
      • +DPL - best tackled with Dynamic Page Lists, either to generate lists needed, or in the solution (DPL guide)
      • +SMW - likely involves using Semantic MediaWiki
      • +Lua - will likely require writing/editing a lua module (lua guide)
      • +AWB - involves so many pages in a simple way that you should probably utilise AutoWikiBrowser (AWB guide)
      • +JS/CSS - involves writing/editing custom Javascript and/or CSS
  • Project size is how big the project 'feels', thinking about things like how many pages it affects, how long each page will take, etc. A medium project may involve a quick edit to a large number of pages, or a significant edit to a single page.
Project Game knowledge Wikicode knowledge Project size Contact Notes
Category rework Medium Medium Large iN008 Categories are in dire need of being reworked, especially in regards to consistency. This project will be looking at our existing categories to see what should be kept, as well as what categories should be made. (See recently deleted Rings category as Category:Ring slot items already contained every ring making the category redundant.)

I will also be looking at how categories are applied, so if a category is applied by a navbox for example it shouldn't also be appended to the end of a page with a category link.

A new Categoryheader has also been made, although it's still in the userspace as to not break any existing usage: this will require editing every category page to support the new version.

Article history sections High Low Laagone Creating not necessarily exhaustive lists, that include the subjects history into a cohesive standardized format instead of having this information spread across the main body and trivia sections of an article.
Event documentation Low Low Medium Scuzzy Beta or iN008 Properly document past Jagex events giving each their own page much like Jagex Clan Cup 2014, although with a more thorough approach.
Q&A Transcripts None Low Large iN008 The goal is to have a system in place to create transcripts of Old School's weekly Q&A livestreams. These would be contained within the Transcript: namespace.

We'll need to create a standard for how these pages should be presented aswell as any templates that may be needed.

Non-interactive scenery page Medium Basic-Advanced (depending on how project is implemented) Large iN008 Per Forum:Non-interactive Scenery pages there is consensus to create a page listing all non-interactive scenery. It may be possible to use the Jagex cache to gain information about scenery.
Quest item advisory table (keep/drop) aka Wise Old Man/Junk Checker Medium Medium Small SpookyNudist Will need to have a basic grasp of source editor & wiki tables.