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One Small Wiki Favour is a project to improve the OSRS Wiki, where wiki users can contribute to a number of ongoing wiki tasks and qualify for receiving in-game rewards, including bonds. Anyone is welcome to participate, whether you're completely new to the wiki or you've been here for a while. If you have not edited before, then this is a great time to get involved!

To participate in this project, take a look at the tasks below and find one that looks exciting -- completing any one of them will earn you a share of a bond. Each task has some advice on how to effectively tackle it, but we strongly recommend joining the #one-small-wiki-favour channel in our Discord to coordinate with other editors, discuss the project, and claim your rewards.


These specific tasks will be active until 25 May, or until someone finishes them.

If you have completed a goal please pop onto Discord and ask one of the wiki admins to check your contributions and award you a bond. If you have done work on a goal but not managed to complete it fully by the end of the week, you may still be rewarded some coins for your work.

Thieving chests and pickpocketing articles

Task: Create and standardize all pages for thievable chests, and pickpocketable NPCs.

Our coverage of thievable chests is pretty poor, and missing a few locations. Create and update pages for each type of chest including the locations, loot, experience, and anything else interesting about the chest. Use Dorgesh-Kaan Average Chest as a good starting point. For extra credit, add maps.

Feel free to come up with better names:

Similarly, a lot of thievable NPCs have little or no information about them being pickpocketable, and sometimes we're missing a page for the base type of NPC as linked from the main Thieving guide. - Jakesterwars (talk) 03:23, 20 May 2019 (UTC)

Missing NPCs

Task: Create pages for all of the following pageless NPCs

While comparing pages between the OSRS Wiki and the RS3 Wiki, we found a number of old NPCs with pages over there but not over here. So, this task simply asks to create pages for the following NPCs.

Each page must have the following information:

  • The text description of the NPC. This can likely be copied from RSW, but should be checked for accuracy.
  • A complete infobox (see Template:Infobox NPC for blank templates) including:
    • A high quality image (most easily sourced from MOND)
      • When uploading an NPC image, use the proper license: Template:NPC license. For example: {{Template:NPC license|Hans}}
    • Release and update information
    • Race, Members, Location, Gender, Shop info
    • Examine text
    • NPC ID (source from MOND)
  • High quality chathead image (source from MOND)
    • When uploading a chathead, use the proper license: Template:Chathead license. For example: {{Template:Chathead license|Hans}}
  • Any appropriate categories and navigational templates (such as Template:The Lost Tribe for NPCs related to that quest)
  • Add {{External|rs}} at the top of the page, to properly link to the RSW version of the NPC.
    • Add {{Indicators|os}} at the top of the RSW page as well, to link back to OSW.

The list of NPCs is as follows. These links take you to the RSW version of the NPC page, which you should use as a reference when making the OSW version.

Once a page is done, cross its name off the list here to indicate completion.

Interactive scenery articles

Task: Create 20 pages for missing interactive scenery.

Take a look at User:Cook Me Plox/Objects for a list of the most popular objects clicked on in OSRS. For any of the ones where a page doesn't exist (i.e. the link is red), but you think a page could exist, make an article for it. --JordiTK (talk) 15:43, 23 May 2019 (UTC)

Look at Fountain of Uhld as a good example of an interactive scenery page. Lean heavily on (our object lookup database) for information and pictures.

Update history

Task: Add patch notes from 8 different updates to relevant pages.

We recently started highlighting changes to OSRS on specific pages, in a new "Changes" section near the bottom of the page. (See Vorkath for an example) This project aims to extend that change coverage to older updates over the last six years of OSRS, by going through each update and adding the changes made to all relevant pages.

The main page for this project can be found here, including a list of updates to work on and instructions on how to contribute. There is also a dedicated #update-history channel on our Discord, for discussion and advice on the project.

To complete this task, add all the changes from 8 of the following updates to all relevant pages:

Once you've completed an update, mark it off here and on the project page, so we can stay organized and keep track of what's been done.

Combat money making guides

Task: Create any 4 combat money making guides from the following list.

This mainly consists of:

  1. Figuring out the number of kills per hour
  2. Determining relevant drops and drop rates (using RuneLite data -- join our Discord for more info)
  3. Figuring out supplies costs
  4. Writing a small strategy guide, or linking to an existing one. Usually very little strategy needs to be written.

Drop logs and rates are ready to be used for this project.

See Money making guide/Killing demonic gorillas for an example of a good guide that incorporates all of the points above.

PvP mechanics guide

Task: Create a guide covering the mechanics of PvP.

This should include at least:

  • Skulls (How to gain (direct combat/item effect), effects of skull)
  • Ticks (Game ticks)
  • PID (Player identification)
  • Spacing (By extension Hybriding)
  • Combo food/pots (Using food/pots alongside karambwan)
  • Spec transfer (Multi)
  • Stacking damage (specs w/venge or recoil)
  • Delaying hits


  • You must have a wiki account and cannot be blocked. Anonymous edits will not count. You can sign up for a wiki account at Special:CreateAccount.
  • The reward for completion of each task will be one bond. If multiple editors contribute to a goal then the prize may be split between them.
  • Partial bonds may be awarded for completing part of a task, with a minimum award at 25% of a bond.
  • A task must be completed in its entirety before any bonds or partial bonds are awarded for that task.
  • If you are awarded a bond or a share of a bond, you can get in contact with one of the project runners on Discord, and claim it in-game.
  • This project is currently in a trial phase, so specific logistics and prizes may be subject to change.