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The Player-vs-player project is a project that aims to document all aspects of player killing content in Old School RuneScape. This includes varying subjects ranging from the Wilderness to Clan Wars, Tick eating to Safing, various player killing guides, and articles about specific PvP account builds. The end goal of this project is to have a full coverage of all common tactics and strategies, builds, and all related information, all documented on the relevant articles.

To reach these goals, a lot of pages need to be created, and a lot of pages need to be completely revamped. Many PvP-related articles that existed before this project got started were written mostly in the early days of Old School, or taken from various places, without any clear PvP hub or guide. This means many of the existing articles need to be rewritten from a standpoint of the current PvP meta, in all different relevant ways, be it 1v1, clanning, minigame combat, or any other style of PvP content. Each aspect of the PvP scene needs to be described on the relevant pages.

Guidelines[edit source]

Currently, many aspects of this project are not set in stone. On Forum:Let's document the PVP side of OSRS, different aspects of this project can be discussed. Things like naming conventions are still being discussed there, so these guidelines are subject to change.

Account builds[edit source]

An account build should get an article dedicated to the stats, equipment loadout, background information and training methods, along with any further details about different aspects of the account build. Examples of account builds include Berserker, Obsidian mauler, Magic pure (free-to-play), Ranged-magic hybrid (free-to-play), and many more.

Each of these articles should be fitted with {{Infobox Pure}}, filled in with all relevant data. Different versions of the build can be added using the Switch Infobox functionality; see one of the previously mentioned example articles for ways to do this. At the bottom, these pages should transclude the {{Account build}} navigation box, and the account build should be included in that box. If specific quests are notable for a given account build, the table used on Berserker can serve as a guideline on how to format a table containing this information.

Aside from specific pages for individual builds, pages on how to create a PvP build, what things to consider, etc. should be written. These pages should be split up if that improves readability. An example of such a page is the Free-to-play combat pure guide, although this page does require splitting up into several pages to improve ease of access to individual subjects.

Strategy guides[edit source]

Like PvM content, PvP content has a lot of underlying strategies. These strategies should all be documented on relevant strategy pages. This includes articles about mechanics such as how to tick eat, how 'pid' works, and a tanking guide, but it also includes strategy guides for minigames such as Soul Wars, Clan Wars and Castle Wars, among others.

Each individual strategy that is relevant to PvP should get its own page. A general PvP strategy page can then be written as a central hub, which describes several different strategies and refers readers to the relevant article for more information.

Culture[edit source]

Because in PvP, other players and interaction with them play such a central role, the culture of PvP is very relevant and should be documented. This includes a slang dictionary, but also clan culture and related topics.

Naming convention[edit source]

Currently, no naming conventions have been set for PvP related things. The following will be the conventions in the mean time, until actual conventions have been decided:

Combat brackets[edit source]

Different combat brackets are relevant to different builds. This means some builds are dominant at lower combat levels, and some builds are more prominent at higher combat brackets. To standardize these combat brackets, we will use a standardized naming scheme. Note: This is all subject to change.

  • Beginner: Combat levels up to 20; should be able to target level 3 players in most areas
  • Ultra-low: Combat levels between 20 and 40; these builds generally take little time to create, and make use of low-tier weapons and armour. This is typically the lowest tier of PvP build intended to be used in 1v1 fights.
  • Low: Levels between 40 and 70; in this bracket, some combat stats can be expected to be level 99. This bracket includes builds like maxed strength pures and highly trained 1 defence pures.
  • Medium: Levels between 70 and 100; for these builds, several stats are maxed out, with other stats deliberately kept low. Typically this is the highest tier specific account builds will excel at, before stepping into the maxed combat territory.
  • High: Combat levels between 100 and 120; typically these combat brackets are more focused on all combat stats, possibly with some stats kept slightly lower. This bracket is typically not reachable or viable with multiple stats that are kept significantly low.
  • Main: Combat levels above 120; these combat ranges require almost every skill to be 99, with some possible exceptions for a few skills such as Prayer.

Build names[edit source]

Currently there is no set naming convention for different builds. For now, the convention {DPS}-{KO} hybrid is used for any hybrid using two styles for different purposes. The main DPS style will be the first part of the name, and the style typically used for the finishing blow is the second style in the name. This convention is currently being discussed, however, so is also subject to change.

List of relevant articles[edit source]

This section lists all relevant articles currently in the scope of this project. If you think a pvp-related article needs to be written, feel free to press the edit button for this section and add the link to this table. Don't worry if the article doesn't exist, just add it, so we can keep track of the progress through this page.

If you want to help out, please pick any article from the articles linked below, preferably the ones you're most knowledgeable about. If you are not yourself active in a specific PvP scene or combat bracket, it might be better to leave those articles alone, or only make non-fundamental changes to the articles. However, feedback is always welcome on the article's talk page, in the discord, or possibly the forum thread if the feedback is one about the general management or structure of the project.

Activities, mechanics and strategies[edit source]

These activities have articles that need major reworking, or do not have articles about the necessary strategies for that activity. When reworking these articles, please update the table below to reflect the changes that were made.

Article Prio Current state Goals
Player killing 5DMM skulls 5.png Unchanged.svg Now has the a good base but needs more information Become a hub for all PKing-related topics, only giving a short summary of a concept and then referring to a relevant article on that topic
Player killing/Mechanics 5DMM skulls 5.png Unchanged.svg Okay, though missing depth on some things while going too much in-depth on other subjects Some things need to be split up, others need to be expanded. The current state of the Player killing/Mechanics#Skull is a good goal for this article: a short summary, and a link to the main article.
Split up
  • Combat level: information should be on Combat level; three quarters of this can go. A short description of wilderness and pvp-world combat should be added.
  • Milestones: Should have a guide page about these level milestones, entirely split up from this article.
  • Example build: This gmaul pure should either be a sub-build on a build page, or it should be a different build page itself.
  • Techniques: Almost every single subsection of this article should be an individual article.
Skull (status) 4DMM skulls 4.png Unchanged.svg Covers the basics, but could use some expansion. Information on Skull tricking should be listed here. Also, Special:WhatLinksHere/Scams should have all skull tricking redirects removed (since skull tricking is almost never a scam)
Player killing strategies 5DMM skulls 5.png X mark.svg Does not exist Needs information on general strategies for both clanning and 1v1 combat. Strategies such as which attack styles to use, freezes and binds, prayer switching, etc. should be discussed here.
Wilderness 5DMM skulls 5.png Yes check.svg Covers the underlying mechanics and points of interest. Included a brief section on PvP, but not from a PKer's perspective. The overview of the PvP aspects was rewritten. Can still include a bit more links to relevant PvP articles and could use proof-reading from a PKer's perspective, but it's solid overall.
Boxing 2DMM skulls 2.png X mark.svg Lacking any in-depth information on the PVP side of these mechanics. Should either be an individual article, or have a substantive section on a relevant strategy page related to the topic. The PVP implications of these mechanics should be elaborated on.
Tick eating 2DMM skulls 2.png
Stacking 2DMM skulls 2.png
Death dot 2DMM skulls 2.png
Pid 2DMM skulls 2.png
Rushing 2DMM skulls 2.png
Ragging 2DMM skulls 2.png
Castle Wars 4DMM skulls 4.png Yes check.svg Good. Has in-depth information on most aspects of the game Might need a competitive castle wars guide.
Clan Wars 5DMM skulls 5.png X mark.svg Missing all content related to actual clanning Needs to be less of a giant table with settings and maps, and more of a page similar to Castle Wars.
Clan Wars/Strategies 4DMM skulls 4.png X mark.svg Does not exist Needs information about all types of strategies. Map-specific strategies, clanning strategies, etc. Basically, everything that is relevant when playing Clan Wars seriously.
Soul Wars 3DMM skulls 3.png Yes check.svg Good coverage Does need extra information about advanced strategies and clanning. Other than that, well-written.
Duel Arena 3DMM skulls 3.png X mark.svg Fine, missing all information about whipping though Needs an extra section explaining whipping, attack style switching, and strategies like that. Do keep the information about gambling addiction though!
PvP world 5DMM skulls 5.png Unchanged.svg Has basic info including hotspots and mechanics. Needs to contain information about:
  • PvP hotspots
    • GE
    • PvP world wildy
    • Teleport destinations
    • House portals
  • Added bank chests to Lumby, Camelot, etc.
  • High-risk PvP worlds
  • Attackable combat ranges
  • Safe zones
  • Multi Areas

Also needs to have short summaries and {{Main}} links to several aspects of PvP combat especially relevant to PvP worlds.

Deadman Mode 3DMM skulls 3.png Unchanged.svg Decent article describing only the official mechanics Needs much more information about different strategies, the role of clans, what skills to focus on, etc.
Loot key 3DMM skulls 3.png Unchanged.svg Describes the current mechanics of the loot keys Needs much more information on Ironman Mode and edge cases.

Guides[edit source]

Article Prio Current state Goals
Combat milestones 4DMM skulls 4.png Yes check.svg Added during the project. Includes information extracted from Player killing/Mechanics expanded with milestones for other combat skills. Could use more info about each skill or milestone, e.g. links to builds that rely on a specific level.
Free-to-play PvP 2DMM skulls 2.png Yes check.svg Added during the project. High level overview and listing of free-to-play PvP articles.
Free-to-play combat pure guide 4DMM skulls 4.png Yes check.svg Very extensive, lots of information about all aspects of F2P PvP. Was split into several articles during the project.
Free-to-play account builds 4DMM skulls 4.png Yes check.svg Great article. The table at the bottom could use better formatting with icons similar to the build infobox replacing labels such as "Melee". Otherwise OK.
Free-to-play PvP equipment 3DMM skulls 3.png Yes check.svg Mostly complete. Extracted from the equipment section of the Free-to-play combat pure guide and expanded with 40+ defence items. Needs updating after the rest of the announced changes surrounding equipment rebalance.
Free-to-play PvP techniques 3DMM skulls 3.png Unchanged.svg Lacks screenshots and recordings, focused on 1-vs-1. Extracted from the techniques section of the Free-to-play combat pure guide and expanded with some multicombat info. Could use more info on clanning practices.
Combat pure 5DMM skulls 5.png Unchanged.svg Describes combat skills. Lists various combat skill caps and example PvP builds. Some information might be moved to Account builds. Lacks info on quests and training, although this should be described in detail in the Combat pure training article. Needs more information about combat pures in general, to meet standards of Free-to-play combat pure guide. Might be moved to Combat pure guide, leaving a redirect.
Account builds 4DMM skulls 4.png Unchanged.svg Requires verification if builds are up-to-date Needs to have information about builds in a similar way to Free-to-play account builds. Created during the project with some example builds extracted from the Combat pure article, but requires verification if all current meta builds are listed within the article.
Combat pure training 4DMM skulls 4.png X mark.svg Does not exist Would contain all information on strategies to train different stats efficiently without training some other. For example, guides on how to keep hitpoints low, how to keep defence low while unlocking useful quests, how to train with low attack stats, kicking monks, etc.
PvP hitpoints management 3DMM skulls 3.png X mark.svg Does not exist A page that should contain information about tick eating, information on how to know when to eat, when to expect stacked hits, how to prepare for stacked hits, but also the culture aspect about safing etc.

Culture[edit source]

Article Prio Current state Goals
Griefing 2DMM skulls 2.png X mark.svg Contains information about to entirely different subjects. Needs to be moved to 'Disruptive behaviour', and all relevant PvP information should be moved to relevant other articles such as Crashing, Pile Jumping, Ragging, etc.
Player-vs-player culture 3DMM skulls 3.png X mark.svg Does not exist Needs information about concepts such as:
  • Safing
  • Risk fighting
  • Clan culture (may need its own article)
  • Boxing
  • Pile jumping
  • PvP slang
Free-to-play PvP culture 2DMM skulls 2.png Yes check.svg Mostly complete. Extracted from the locations and slang sections of the Free-to-play combat pure guide and expanded with some additional aspects. Lacks more clanning info.
Player-vs-player culture/Clans 3DMM skulls 3.png X mark.svg Does not exist Needs information about PvP culture, specifically relevant to clanning. Typical clan hierarchy, calls during wars, etc. are relevant in this article.
PvP terminology 4DMM skulls 4.png Unchanged.svg Exists and has a basic dictionary, but more entries are needed Needs a slang dictionary, terminology used in clans, common phrases used to describe mechanics, etc. Terms might be split either alphabetically or thematically (e.g. into communication, mechanics, items, clanning - see Free-to-play PvP culture#Slang dictionary for an example).
Pile jumping 2DMM skulls 2.png Unchanged.svg Contains a lot of information, but is structured in a suboptimal way. Would benefit of a cleanup, probably with animated gifs of relevant situations. Also needs to be cleaned up to be consistent in the use of pile jumping, PJing and pile jacking (pick one, use that).

Account builds[edit source]

Article Prio Current state Goals
One-defence pure (free-to-play) 3DMM skulls 3.png Yes check.svg Mostly complete An article summarizing free-to-play combat pures with a low defence level. Lists differences between common build variants. Links guides for some specific builds with 1 defence.
Ranged-melee hybrid (free-to-play) 3DMM skulls 3.png Yes check.svg Well-written An article describing this type of account build.[build note 1]
Melee pure (free-to-play)
Ranged-magic hybrid (free-to-play)
Magic pure (free-to-play)
Strength pure (free-to-play)
Ranged pure (free-to-play)
Rune pure (free-to-play)
Adamant pure (free-to-play)
Tank (free-to-play)
Defence pure (free-to-play)
Magic tank (free-to-play)
1-defence pure 3DMM skulls 3.png Unchanged.svg Needs more work. An article describing the 1-defence pure, a build type where strength is prioritized, attack is trained to unlock more powerful weapons, and defence is completely neglected. Also common quests and the unlocks from the quests such as god books and bearhead.[build note 1]
Low-defence pure 3DMM skulls 3.png Unchanged.svg Needs more work An article describing the low-defence pure, a build type where strength and attack are trained similarly to the 1-defence pure, but a few defence levels are typically obtained from some quests that unlock more content for these builds. Also needs information on clanning builds.[build note 1]
Void pure 3DMM skulls 3.png X mark.svg Does not exist (currently a redirect) An article about pure builds with 42 defence, commonly along with 94 magic for Vengeance.[build note 1]
Berserker 3DMM skulls 3.png Unchanged.svg Has a decent start, but still lacks information on training methods, fighting strategies and a description of different variants of this build. An article describing every different variant of berserker pure.[build note 1]
Obsidian mauler 3DMM skulls 3.png Unchanged.svg Has a decent setup, but still lacks an image, a proper explanation of loadouts, needs expanding on the training methods, and needs to have the content reworked where necessary. An article describing Obsidian mauler builds, to be expanded with possible warhammer strategies whenever those no longer have an attack level requirement.[build note 1]
Obsidian pure 3DMM skulls 3.png X mark.svg Does not exist (currently a redirect) An article about account builds with 60 defence, 94 magic for Vengeance, and various other stat distributions. [build note 1]
Medium-level build 3DMM skulls 3.png X mark.svg Does not exist An article about PvP builds with high strength, typically with relatively high prayer and defence for either piety alone, or piety, rigour, and augury, and some variance in attack levels.[build note 1]
Main account 3DMM skulls 3.png X mark.svg Currently lacks any PvP-related information An article about level 120+ PvP builds, typically with (near) maxed combat stats.[build note 1]
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 The article should also describe its equipment, training methods, PvP strategies, quests relevant to this build, and different variants of this build.

Non-PvP articles[edit source]

Some articles that are not necessarily about PvP content alone, but still are very relevant to PvP.

Article Prio Current state PvP-related goals
Vengeance 1DMM skulls 1.png Yes check.svg Contains a short description of its use in PvP but now also includes advanced vengeance mechanics Could use a section about more advanced strategies that use Vengeance.
Prayer flicking 3DMM skulls 3.png X mark.svg Is a subsection talking about the PvM strategies Missing all applications of prayer flicking and switching in PvP. Should be a standalone article, which can be referenced from both the Prayer article, and any PvP strategy guides.
Dharok the Wretched's equipment 2DMM skulls 2.png X mark.svg Does not feature any discussion of use in PvP Needs a section explaining its use in PvP, with references to which types of build use this gear, and a description of what kinds of situations this gear is useful.
Karil the Tainted's equipment and Amulet of the Damned 1DMM skulls 1.png
Void Knight equipment 1DMM skulls 1.png Yes check.svg Has a short mention of its use in PvP Could do with some expansion of its uses in PvP, as well as links to the Void pure account build.
Obsidian maul 1DMM skulls 1.png Yes check.svg Explains its uses in PvP and the max hits it can achieve When warhammers get changed to no longer require attack levels: a comparison between the maul and a dragon warhammer.
Granite maul 2DMM skulls 2.png X mark.svg Has only a single sentence dedicated to PvP Needs a section about how and when it can be properly used in PvP situations.
Dragon knife 2DMM skulls 2.png X mark.svg Missing any PvP-related information Needs some information on which situations this weapon is typically used in PvP.
Heavy ballista 2DMM skulls 2.png
Dinh's bulwark 1DMM skulls 1.png Unchanged.svg Describes some of its PvP use Could use some extra information about situations this shield is used in PvP (as well as PvM)
Single-way combat 2DMM skulls 2.png X mark.svg Makes no mention of the PvP aspects Could have a section about singles PvP, although the in-depth information about PvP should be put on a more relevant PvP article.
Multicombat area 2DMM skulls 2.png X mark.svg Makes no mention of the PvP aspects Could have a section about multicombat PvP, although the in-depth information about PvP should be put on a more relevant PvP article (such as clanning articles).
Singles-plus combat 3DMM skulls 3.png X mark.svg Barely has any information Should have a more in-depth description of the mechanics and the implications in PvP.