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Table[edit source]

Below is a table of the 100 most expensive items on the Grand Exchange.

Item Price
3rd age druidic robe top.png 3rd age druidic robe top 1,639,787,471
3rd age pickaxe.png 3rd age pickaxe 1,593,400,655
3rd age druidic robe bottoms.png 3rd age druidic robe bottoms 1,449,777,324
Harmonised orb.png Harmonised orb 1,155,387,776
Twisted bow.png Twisted bow 1,113,204,630
Elysian spirit shield.png Elysian spirit shield 996,922,048
Elysian sigil.png Elysian sigil 978,010,457
Inquisitor's mace.png Inquisitor's mace 754,845,318
Inquisitor's armour set.png Inquisitor's armour set 753,485,385
Scythe of vitur (uncharged).png Scythe of vitur (uncharged) 732,779,116
3rd age bow.png 3rd age bow 656,783,621
3rd age druidic cloak.png 3rd age druidic cloak 619,828,196
3rd age longsword.png 3rd age longsword 581,421,582
3rd age druidic staff.png 3rd age druidic staff 327,387,216
3rd age axe.png 3rd age axe 319,351,236
Inquisitor's plateskirt.png Inquisitor's plateskirt 298,016,475
Inquisitor's hauberk.png Inquisitor's hauberk 297,078,299
3rd age cloak.png 3rd age cloak 198,939,099
Volatile orb.png Volatile orb 189,516,789
Inquisitor's great helm.png Inquisitor's great helm 159,305,842
Ghrazi rapier.png Ghrazi rapier 156,896,880
Arcane spirit shield.png Arcane spirit shield 154,672,222
Ancestral robes set.png Ancestral robes set 151,361,143
Arcane sigil.png Arcane sigil 151,350,687
Sanguinesti staff (uncharged).png Sanguinesti staff (uncharged) 109,472,633
Eldritch orb.png Eldritch orb 104,980,380
Blade of saeldor (inactive).png Blade of saeldor (inactive) 101,825,790
Dragon armour set (lg).png Dragon armour set (lg) 94,698,712
Dragon hunter crossbow.png Dragon hunter crossbow 92,227,415
Kodai wand.png Kodai wand 86,732,668
3rd age platebody.png 3rd age platebody 84,321,718
3rd age plateskirt.png 3rd age plateskirt 84,201,960
Kodai insignia.png Kodai insignia 83,237,901
3rd age wand.png 3rd age wand 81,094,901
Dragon armour set (sk).png Dragon armour set (sk) 74,151,575
Dragon hunter lance.png Dragon hunter lance 73,732,648
Ancestral robe bottom.png Ancestral robe bottom 71,832,162
3rd age platelegs.png 3rd age platelegs 70,185,442
Ancestral robe top.png Ancestral robe top 67,054,889
Spectral spirit shield.png Spectral spirit shield 66,597,187
Ring of endurance (uncharged).png Ring of endurance (uncharged) 66,431,874
Spectral sigil.png Spectral sigil 65,141,276
Dragon full helm.png Dragon full helm 61,763,580
Avernic defender hilt.png Avernic defender hilt 60,561,258
Dragon claws.png Dragon claws 59,573,202
Hydra's claw.png Hydra's claw 59,322,322
3rd age robe top.png 3rd age robe top 59,293,641
Justiciar armour set.png Justiciar armour set 51,447,615
Dragon kiteshield.png Dragon kiteshield 44,943,281
Saradomin godsword.png Saradomin godsword 42,142,447
Dragon warhammer.png Dragon warhammer 41,321,041
Saradomin hilt.png Saradomin hilt 41,205,540
Pegasian boots.png Pegasian boots 38,528,570
Ranger boots.png Ranger boots 38,418,939
Abyssal bludgeon.png Abyssal bludgeon 36,858,906
Armadyl chestplate.png Armadyl chestplate 36,828,996
Amulet of eternal glory.png Amulet of eternal glory 36,676,692
Armadyl chainskirt.png Armadyl chainskirt 33,562,800
Twisted relic hunter (t3) armour set.png Twisted relic hunter (t3) armour set 31,265,734
Primordial boots.png Primordial boots 30,915,985
Primordial crystal.png Primordial crystal 30,689,847
Ankou top.png Ankou top 30,403,486
Imbued heart.png Imbued heart 30,276,664
3rd age range top.png 3rd age range top 29,920,918
Dragon metal slice.png Dragon metal slice 28,105,020
Bandos tassets.png Bandos tassets 27,637,945
3rd age kiteshield.png 3rd age kiteshield 27,114,209
Twisted blueprints.png Twisted blueprints 26,471,869
Armadyl crossbow.png Armadyl crossbow 26,436,951
Justiciar faceguard.png Justiciar faceguard 25,460,438
Nightmare staff.png Nightmare staff 23,842,906
Ancient wyvern shield.png Ancient wyvern shield 23,514,253
Dexterous prayer scroll.png Dexterous prayer scroll 22,780,513
Wyvern visage.png Wyvern visage 21,048,475
3rd age range legs.png 3rd age range legs 19,951,603
3rd age robe.png 3rd age robe 19,863,957
Staff of balance.png Staff of balance 19,262,798
Bandos chestplate.png Bandos chestplate 19,162,654
Gilded scimitar.png Gilded scimitar 19,132,438
Gilded dragonhide set.png Gilded dragonhide set 18,989,461
Ring of the gods.png Ring of the gods 18,792,875
Basilisk jaw.png Basilisk jaw 18,660,489
3rd age amulet.png 3rd age amulet 17,482,937
Twisted horns.png Twisted horns 17,146,344
Justiciar legguards.png Justiciar legguards 16,793,582
Zenyte amulet.png Zenyte amulet 16,716,886
Cape of skulls.png Cape of skulls 16,488,050
Zenyte bracelet.png Zenyte bracelet 16,293,255
Zenyte.png Zenyte 15,949,053
Ancient relic.png Ancient relic 15,944,308
Dragonfire ward.png Dragonfire ward 15,695,913
Ring of coins.png Ring of coins 15,683,252
Dragon platebody ornament kit.png Dragon platebody ornament kit 15,270,328
3rd age full helmet.png 3rd age full helmet 15,234,533
Zenyte necklace.png Zenyte necklace 14,982,954
Zenyte ring.png Zenyte ring 14,972,143
Skeletal visage.png Skeletal visage 14,589,662
Uncut zenyte.png Uncut zenyte 14,481,066
Zenyte amulet (u).png Zenyte amulet (u) 14,260,504
Zamorakian hasta.png Zamorakian hasta 14,051,198

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