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Welcome to the information article for the Old School RuneScape Wiki Twitch account, osrs_wiki. The Wiki's Twitch account was created in October 2018.

Overview[edit source]

The Wiki's Twitter account is used to connect with the community through live-streaming editing.

Moderation[edit source]

To keep the Twitch chat meet the Wiki's standard of off-site moderation, Twitch's Automod is active, along with the accounts listed in the table below. Any Old School RuneScape Wiki Administrator may claim chat mod. Additional chat mods may be added as needed in the future.

Below are the current Twitch chat moderators.

There are currently 3 active account moderators.

Wiki Username Twitch Username
Scuzzy Beta scuzzybeta
TyA Ty_at
Riblet15 riblet15

Admins[edit source]

The following people have the ability to stream from the account.

Wiki Username Twitch Username
Scuzzy Beta Scuzzy Beta
Spineweilder N/A
Riblet15 riblet15