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The Wiki Twitter.

Welcome to the information article for the Old School RuneScape Wiki Twitter account @OSRS_Wiki. The Wiki's Twitter account was created in March 2015.

Overview[edit source]

The Wiki's Twitter account is used to send out announcements, answer questions about the Wiki and Old School RuneScape, and connect with the community. It is managed by Wiki editors.

Moderators[edit source]

Below are the current Twitter moderators.

There are currently two active account moderators.

Username Personal Twitter
Spineweilder @Spineweilder
Julia @laagone

FAQ[edit source]

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the twitter account.

  • What's a "cotag", and why don't I see it on any of the recent tweets?
    • Our cotags are used to identify who sent one tweet. Following a small internal discussion, as the twitter administration team is quite small, it was decided that CoTags should only be used when absolute necessary.
  • Whats the difference between the "RSWiki" account and the "OSRS_Wiki" account?
    • The RSWiki account is headed by and intended for our sister wiki, the RuneScape Wiki for announcements and broadcasts involving the live version of the game, colloquially known as RuneScape 3.
  • If I have a question regarding a problem or an inquiry regarding an administrative request, can I tweet at the OSRS_Wiki account?
    • Absolutely.

Have another question that you don't see on here? Ask it here or tweet at us!

For account moderators[edit source]

Please remember the following when taking administrative action on the profile:

  • Do not post unnecessary or excessive tweets.
  • Do not change the profile's settings unless necessary.
  • As concrete rules are few, use common sense and think things through when taking administrative action.