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Update pages are pages that quote official Old School RuneScape newsposts and developer blogs available from the Old School RuneScape home page. The best way to quote it is to copy and paste the contents of the post. Update pages directly quote these posts. If something is not in the newspost/developer blog, do not include it in the update page.

How to create an update[edit source]

What to include[edit source]

  • Proper paragraphs and spacing as it is set out in the post.
  • Links that are in the newspost and on the correct words as in the newspost.
  • Images that are in the post. These can be uploaded to the wiki.
  • Words in italics or bold that are in italics or bold in the newspost.

What not to include[edit source]

  • Fixes of spelling or grammatical errors, or usage of {{Sic}}.

Exceptions of the rule[edit source]

  • The {{Update}} template
    • Categorisation is done with this template
  • Formatting (line breaks, bolding, italics) to appear similar to the official newspost.
  • Interwiki links
  • Q&A transcripts