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A contributor's ability to perform certain actions on the Old School RuneScape Wiki depends on their access level. This is determined by whether the editor is logged into an account, whether the account has a sufficient age, and what additional rights have been assigned to the account.

Everyone is able to read the wiki. Unless they are blocked, they may freely edit most pages without the need to be logged in. Further access levels need to be assigned manually by a user with the appropriate authority. Editors with more experience and good standing can request advanced permissions.

This page provides a summary for each usergroup. For a full list of abilities available to usergroups, see Special:ListGroupRights.

Overview[edit source]

All visitors to the site, including unregistered users, are part of the '*' group, and all logged-in users are also part of the 'user' group. Other flags are only given upon request; some, such as 'rollback' or 'custodian', are granted unilaterally if the user demonstrates a need for them (see RuneScape:Requests for permissions). Others, such as 'sysop' and 'bureaucrat', are given only after community discussion and consensus.

Unregistered users[edit source]

Contributors who have not created an account or logged in are identified by their IP address rather than a username, and may read all pages (except restricted special pages), and edit pages that are not protected or semi-protected. They cannot upload files or images. They must answer a CAPTCHA if they wish to make an edit which involves the addition of one or more external links, and click a confirm link to purge pages.

Registered users[edit source]

Users who've signed in can do everything IP addresses can do, but they can also upload files, move pages, maintain a watchlist, set preferences, and mark edits as minor. Users are automatically promoted into the 'autoconfirmed' pseudo-group when their account is more than four days old and has at least 5 edits, giving them the ability to edit semi-protected pages.

Local level[edit source]

Local level groups are specific to each wiki.

Bots[edit source]

Bots are automated accounts that perform certain tasks on the wiki, such as updating Grand Exchange prices for items. Bots have their edits flagged with a "b" in Special:RecentChanges, and have their edits hidden by default. A minor edit made by a bot to a user talk page will not trigger any notifications.

See Special:ListUsers/bot for a list of the wiki's 22 bots.

Rollback[edit source]

Users with the rollback right have access to the rollback button, and are not affected by rate limits which prevent page moves and user account creations. All sysops also have this button. Rollback automatically reverts all revisions by the last author of a page and is only to be used for obvious vandalism, and not disputed edits which deserves an explanation.

See Special:ListUsers/rollback for a list of the wiki's 31 rollbackers.

Custodians[edit source]

Custodians have the ability to move files, suppress the creation of redirects while moving, and view the history of deleted pages, files, and contribution history of users. The usergroup was established in Forum:Add "movefile" right to Rollback.

See Special:ListUsers/custodian for a list of the wiki's 56 custodians.

Administrators[edit source]

Adminstrators have access to a number of tools to allow them to carry out certain functions on the wiki. The tools cover processes such as deletion, protection, blocking, and access to the MediaWiki interface. Administrators also take responsibility for judging the outcome of discussions on the Redwood Grove, and those requiring administrative tools, such as deletions and undeletions, as well as assigning the 'rollback', and 'custodian' user rights. Administrator rights are granted by the community through Requests for adminship.

See Special:ListUsers/sysop for a list of the wiki's 27 administrators.

Bureaucrats[edit source]

Bureaucrat rights are granted by the community to exceptionally trusted users who are allowed to perform certain actions on other users' accounts. Bureaucrats have all rights available to administrators, as well as extended access to Special:UserRights, enabling them to add users to the 'bureaucrat' group (but not remove them), and both add and remove users from the 'administrator' and 'bot' user groups.

See Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat for a list of the wiki's 3 bureaucrats.

Check users[edit source]

Users who are in the 'checkuser' usergroup have access to Special:CheckUser. They are able to view a list of all IP addresses used by a user account to edit the OSRS Wiki, a list of all edits made by an IP, or all user accounts that have used an IP address. They may also view a log of such requests.

See Special:ListUsers/checkuser for a list of the wiki's 0 CheckUsers.

Global level[edit source]

Global level usergroups take effect on Old School RuneScape Wiki, RuneScape Wiki, RuneScape Classic Wiki, and Weird Gloop meta-wiki alike.

Jagex staff[edit source]

Verified Jagex employees are given a usergroup to confirm their status. This usergroup shares the same rights as autoconfirmed users.

See Special:ListUsers/jagex for a list of the verified Jagex employees.

Sysadmin[edit source]

Sysadmin (system administrator) is a usergroup primarily used for technical maintenance and development of Weird Gloop wikis. It grants unrestricted access and provides tools not available to local administrators, such as check users that can look up IP addresses of accounts to combat vandalism and abuse.

See Special:ListUsers/sysadmin for a list of the sysadmins.

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