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Content2020 Christmas event

This varbit counts the player's personal best sled racing time during and after 2020 Christmas event. Introduced / made functional in the 22 December 2020 update. Prior to 22 December 2020, this variable was not saved or updated.

RS:Varbit/11731 counter starts from 0 and counts up by one every tick every time the player starts sledding down the slope. The counter stops when the player starts jumping the slope end. If that time was the player's best time, the time is then converted from ticks to a human-readable current sled racing time, displayed in the game chat and stored into this varbit.

2021 Easter event[edit source]

During the 2021 Easter event introduction between the player and Gregg (RS:Varbit/11951 value is exactly 0), Gregg mentions the goblins kept their "stupid sled track from Christmas!" When this varbit's (11732) value is > 0 (the player has a personal best time on the sled track), the player exclaims the sled racing being "fun". Gregg then responds to have tried it himself, but he was mobbed by goblings about Easter eggs and told the goblins they would have wait until Easter for easter eggs.