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Content2021 Birthday event

Tracking for the sheep's monkey in the 2021 Birthday event.

Initialized to value 1 when RS:Varbit/11833 is set to value 10. (Now my citizens are under attack and I fear that I've only made things worse.) Set back to 0 after the second sheep cutscene is allowed to finish without interruptions, and player's first monkey cage inventory slot is replaced with a Sheep's caged monkey. If the player releases Sheep's caged monkey, the value is set to 1, Sheep's caged monkey is removed and a monkey cage is added to the player's inventory (the item is not replaced in-place).

After the 17 March 2021 removal of Sheep (2021 Birthday event) and ending the 2021 Birthday event, this varbit does nothing effectively.

Values[edit source]

Disallows placing monkey cages near the sheep with the player stating: I have already saved the sheep. There is no need to place a trap here.
A strike-through is applied to the sheep's list entry in list of monkey sightings.
The sheep is not seen. Sheep (10594) is replaced with null (10616).
RS:Varbit/11833 may also be incremented.
Allows placing down monkey cages near the sheep, triggering a cutscene of saving the sheep.
The strike-through is removed from the sheep's list entry in list of monkey sightings.
The sheep is seen with a monkey. null (10616) is replaced with Sheep (10594).
RS:Varbit/11833 value is not decremented.