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Content2021 Birthday event

If the player has not borrowed a knife from Zeke in the 2021 Birthday event, Zeke will offer to borrow the player his knife. This tracks if Zeke has given the player a knife. Zeke will first check if the player has a knife in their inventory, then if the player's inventory is full, and finally if there is inventory space and the player doesn't have a knife in inventory, he gives the player a knife. Set from 0 to 1 when Zeke hands you a knife., after which Zeke will remember to have given the player his knife and will subsequently change his dialogue to guide the player to buy one from Lumbridge general store. Any knives are not checked from the player's inventory again.

After 17 March 2021, the 2021 Birthday event dialogue was removed from Zeke and this varbit does nothing effectively.