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Content2021 Birthday event

In the 2021 Birthday event, if the player asks Zeke Where did you get premium bananas?, he tells he gets his premium bananas from Luthas. This may introduce a new dialogue option with Luthas.

  • If RS:Varbit/11833 value is ≥ 20 and ≤ 35 and the player finishing this dialogue with Zeke until other options are seen, this varbit's value is set from 0 to 1. If the player interrupts the dialogue with Zeke, this value is unchanged.
  • If RS:Varbit/11833's value is ≥ 40, this value cannot be incremented to 1. Where did you get premium bananas? will be available, but will not change this value. This coincides with Zeke's new behaviour at ≥ 40, which removes two other dialogue options.

Although the player implies in the dialogue with Zeke the player has knowledge about Luthas, the player does not need to have met Luthas or accepted his task before.

This varbit's value and Luthas' additional dialogue option persists after the 2021 Birthday event was removed on 17 March 2021.

Values[edit source]

Luthas' dialogue option Do you know of a man called Zeke? will be unavailable.
Luthas' dialogue option Do you know of a man called Zeke? will be available.