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Content2021 Halloween event
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Associated with the multiviews of the table objects at the back of the Blue Moon Inn, located in the kitchen. This allows those tables with kitchen utensils on them to be replaced with empty low tables, depending on the player's 2021 Halloween event progression.

This varbit has no effect on the kitchen cutscene.

Values[edit source]

The default value, which it is also before the 2021 Halloween event has been started and before Iffie has stolen the kitchen supplies from the Blue Moon Inn.
Table (42869) is not viewed. Table (42871) is viewed.
Table (42870) is not viewed. Table (42872) is viewed.
Set when the kitchen cutscene featuring an angry Cook (11251) at the Blue Moon Inn finishes to the end, as soon as the player continues on the following dialogue: Iffie: No, I don't like pumpkin! Iffie has stolen the kitchen supplies.
Table (42869) is viewed. Table (42871) is not viewed.
Table (42870) is viewed. Table (42872) is not viewed.

Examine texts[edit source]

Table (42869)
A low table.
Table (42870)
A low table.
Table (42871)
A low table with a rolling pin on it.
Table (42872)
A low table with a saucepan on it.

Trivia[edit source]

  • In the kitchen cutscene, the client does not receive modifications to this varbit's value to change the tables. The changes to the tables in the cutscene are done server-side to the instance.
  • Iffie steals the kitchen supplies individually in the cutscene, so more than one bit of information would be needed to convey the information to the client with a varbit during the cutscene.
  • It's difficult to reason why the developers didn't choose to reuse the Table (2333) game object, instead of introducing two new nearly identical copies of it with the 2021 Halloween update. Perhaps at one point during development there was an intention of being able to return the stolen utensils back to the cook, although this is not seen in the game in its current state. Alternatively, engine work.