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ContentSoul Wars

Tracks if the player has met Nomad at Soul Wars Lobby and changes his dialogue slightly.

Values[edit source]

  • 0 when the player has not met Nomad (10529) before: Excuse me, what is this place? Despite lacking the dialogue options to talk about ammunition (ditto with value 1), Nomad will offer to upgrade the Soul Wars capes when Ava's devices are used on him.
  • 1 when the player has met Nomad (10529). Set when Nomad (10529) exclaims: I can give you a demonstration if you're interested? If RS:Varbit/3804 value is 0, changes his greeting with pre-demonstration dialogue: Ah, you again. Are you ready for that demonstration? If RS:Varbit/3804 value is 1, his dialogue is overridden with post-demonstration dialogue.