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ContentDraynor Village

Tracks if the player has met Wise Old Man (Dionysius) at Draynor Village and changes his dialogue slightly. Probably also changes Miss Schism's standard dialogue, and the allowance of using items on Wise Old Man.

Values[edit source]

  • 0 when the player has not met Wise Old Man before at Draynor Village. Initial dialogue plays: So you're a wise old man, huh? The player can't use items on Wise Old Man: Humph! You could at least say hello before waving your items in my face.
  • 1 when the player has met him. Set when Wise Old Man exclaims: Well, I imagine you've gathered up quite a lot of stuff on your travels. Things you used for quests a long time ago that you don't need now. Changes his dialogue/skips the introduction dialogue.