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WikiSync is a RuneLite plugin that uploads your Old School RuneScape character's quest completion, Achievement Diary task completion, skill levels, and Shattered Relics League task status to a server run by the Old School RuneScape Wiki. This data is then used by various articles on the wiki in order to personalise the content for your character, including on quest requirement displays and the League tasks page. In the future, this may extend to other use cases.

Similar to the official HiScores, this data about your character can be viewed by anyone, and is not private. We don't suggest using this if you are (for example) a PvP-locked hardcore ironman, where broadcasting your quest status could be detrimental to your account, by giving away information about what you're currently doing.

You can view the public source code for the plugin in this GitHub repository.

Installing WikiSync

WikiSync plugin search.png

The WikiSync plugin can be downloaded from RuneLite's plugin-hub. See RuneLite's documentation for how to use the plugin-hub. Once you have downloaded the plugin, make sure it is toggled on! It is called "WikiSync" in the settings panel.

Using WikiSync

Quest requirements checked off

If the plugin is on, your data should be uploaded when you first log in. After that, data will be pushed up as it gets updated. You shouldn't need to do anything other than play the game. To use your data, you can go to any quest page. Fill in the input box with your username and click "Look up". The quest and skill requirements should then be checked off if you have them done, and given a red X if you do not. Keep in mind that this won't account for boostable requirements!

Hiding WikiSync Option

Wiki Preferences, showing the WikiSync button

If you would like to hide the WikiSync gadget, visit Special:Preferences, then go to the "Gadgets" tab and deselect the WikiSync button. This requires a wiki account.

Third-party use

The WikiSync plugin and the associated API is intended for use by the wiki, and not by third-party developers. While we love seeing what cool projects people can make with data from the wiki, people who enable the plugin are choosing to share their game data to improve their experience on the wiki, rather than arbitrary third-parties. Please do not use the WikiSync API in your own projects. We will be actively taking steps to limit the usage of our API outside of our own websites.