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The RuneScape Council is an organisation that serves as the in-universe version of Jagex in the capacity of "rulers" of Gielinor. It is referred to in many older pieces of content and God Letters and does not seem to have been referenced after 2006. For example, when membership was first released, it was referred to in the God Letters as the council's "tithe", and many upcoming updates were announced as additions by the council.

The following references to the council are made outside the God Letters:

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Jagex. "The Fremennik Trials." 2 November 2004. Old School RuneScape News. "The council would like to inform our citizens that our recent restoration work on the footpath leading to the Barbarian town of Rellekka, North-west of Sinclair Mansion, has now been completed."
  2. Jagex. "Horror from the Deep." 17 November 2004. Old School RuneScape News.
  3. Silas, "Diary (Horror from the Deep)", Old School RuneScape. "Disturbing message from the council today, they feel that I am not fulfilling my contact to keep my contract to keep the lighthouse operative correcty."
  4. Jossik, "Journal (Horror from the Deep", Old School RuneScape. "It is slightly unfair that due to his absence the council have forced me to take up his job here at the lighthouse, but what can I say to argue against them?"
  5. Dionysius, "Old man's message", Old School RuneScape. "When asked to find a BOWL that has not seen heat, a large number of adventurers assume that a POT will suffice. Of course, this has no effect, so they send complaints about you to the Council."
  6. Dionysius, "Old man's message", Old School RuneScape. "I am forced to repeat the warning I gave you at the time: if you continue to indulge yourself in this manner, the Council will have no choice but to transfer you to Entrana where you can be supervised more carefully."
  7. Wise Old Man, "Draynor Village", Old School RuneScape. "You could buy one [hat] off another player, or wait until they're next made available by the Council."
  8. Jagex. Postbag 12 - "Transcript:Rats, Pirates and the Wise Old Man!", Letter 7, by Dionysius. RuneScape Postbags from the Hedge. "Rural branches of banks are useful, and we should make full use of them. Otherwise there may come a day when the Bank of RuneScape closes its outlying branches and the Council has them transformed into trendy wine-bars."
  9. Miss Schism, "Draynor Village", Old School RuneScape. "Ever since the Council allowed those farmers to set up their stalls here, we've had a constant flow of thieves and murderers through our fair village, and I decided that someone HAD to stand up and keep an eye on the situation."
  10. Apprentice workman, "Falador", Old School RuneScape. "Yeah, the Council's had [Varrock] redecorated."