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This talk page is for discussing the RuneScape:Longest unfixed errors page.

Archive[edit source]

Some of the errors were either not very entertaining, or not really errors. I've very subjectively moved the least interesting ones to the following archive. If you disagree with my decision about any of these entries, feel free to put them back on the main list. Riblet15 (talk) 01:16, 21 May 2021 (UTC)

Error Length Insertion date Removal date Notes
The Gielinor page stated that Guthix created Gielinor, this is not entirely correct. 2827 days 17 February 2013 1 February 2021 It would appear instead he terraformed a barren planet and brought many races there through the World Gate. The ancient text says he "discovered" it, so there had to be something there to discover, even if it was just empty wasteland.
The Gardener Ghost page's infobox and File:Gardener Ghost.png were spelled "Gardner Ghost". 2726 days 9 March 2013 28 October 2020 Alternative but incorrect name commonly used.
The Slayer page referred to Barbarian Village as Gunnarsgrunn, a RuneScape 3 rename. 2590 days 11 March 2013 12 April 2020 Originally copied over from the RuneScape Wiki and never adjusted for Old School's old school name.
Chinchompa had a Destroy = Drop instead of a Destroy = Release 2521 days 11 June 2014 6 May 2021 Inserted while adding new templates to the page.
The rat's tail page referred to Witch's Potion as a miniquest instead of a quest. 2174 days 22 March 2014 4 March 2020 Likely copied from the RuneScape Wiki and never corrected for witch's potion being considered a quest in Old School instead of a miniquest.
File had typo in naming. Mape instead of Map. 2,096 days 22 July 2014 17 April 2020 Misspelled file name.
The free-to-play Crafting training page had non-UK digit grouping in several places. 1862 days 27 March 2015 1 May 2020 This error was likely just due to ignorance of our policy of using UK groupings, it was slowly fixed over time with nobody noticing all of them at once.